Compost Conundrum

The continuous supply of vegetable/fruit scraps for making a balanced compost is always a challenge at Collingwood College.

Food waste that is usually binned =Compost-able scraps!    But not at our school!      We need more!

Apart from food scraps during preparation in the K.G kitchen classroom- our students do not leave many post meal scraps! This impacts on the students ability to make the huge amounts of compost with Ben, needed for our extensive gardens around the school and our new gardens on the roof- 3 storeys above.

We do receive compost-able scraps from our wonderful canteen (cooking freshly made delicious meals) and our after-care program, but still it is not enough!

Ben has thought outside the square and engaged the cafe community in helping us and thus ensuring they reduce their landfill.

We have 2 cafes at the moment putting their compost-able scraps into large wheelie bins to be collected and bought to our school.

We would like to thank- “Proud Mary” in Collingwood and “Remy’s cafe” at Docklands for their support of our students in the K.G program. If you are in at these cafes, please tell them you are part of the Collingwood College community and that our students appreciate their support. We are looking for more cafes to support us- however we need people to collect the scraps and bring them to school/return the bin. If you feel interested we would like to hear from you.


Collingwood families you to can help!

If you have an abundance of food scraps at home (and no compost system) and would like to bring them in a sealed bucket or wrapped securely in newspaper to help in the compost building- please contact Ben, so he will be aware. This can be done verbally or by email   or drop the compost to Desley in the kitchen on a Tuesday> Thursday.

Please no meat/fish/citrus or large amounts of onions. Our worms do not like it!

A balanced organic compost is the lifeblood for a productive garden- we are also needing extra manure- either from chickens, horse, cow. Please contact Ben.

with thanks


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