Spring Fair News 13 August

Spring Fair News 13/08/13


Spring Fair Meeting Friday 9 August:

Attended by: Tina (R3), Kylie (R Prep & 3), Anita (S8), Ange (S6 & 9), Sarah (S1 & 3), Maya (S2 & 5), Dallas (R3)

Thank you to everyone who came along to the meeting on Friday. There was lots of enthusiasm and the discussion led to adding a sword making activity with costumes which is a fantastic addition to the Fair.


From the Agenda:

1.     Stall folders – none were collected

2.     Bookings

a.      Morris Dancers – Yes. Cost: lunch for the dancers

i.     Action: Tina to book

b.     Blacksmith – undecided. Cost $400. The blacksmith has been to every Fair since the beginning, has a Steiner connection to the school. The blacksmith works his craft at the Fair and sells his wares. There is no timetabled demonstration or participation.

i.     Actions: Maya is going to talk to a metal smith about providing an activity for older students – or a demonstration. Tina to talk to the blacksmith about student engagement.


3.     Stall Locations:

a.      Chai – Canteen (decided not to move it to the big marquee)

b.     Playgroups – undecided

i.     Actions: Tina to talk to the playgroups to see what they would like to do this year.

4.     Activities on the Western Oval

a.      Community voted overwhelmingly yes.


5.     Other: Sword Making & Play

a.      Sword making and play with dress ups was suggested

b.     Activity to make swords, shield and armor and then offer a controlled space and costumes to play

c.      Suggested it could be incorporated into the Children’s Activities – one of the sand pits?

d.     Maya is happy to make 4 costumes

e.      Will need a donation of playwood

f.       Woodworking class in the school may be able to cut the swords?

i.     Action: Tina to talk to Preps & Grade 1s


6.     Other: Sarah

a.      Sarah’s dad makes giant birdseed sculptures and will donate one to the Fair (thank you!)

b.     We’ll run a “guess the number of seeds” competition. The prize is the sculpture.

c.      The sculpture may be able to be hung off the tree opposite the pizza oven outside Barb’s classroom.


7.     Other – Dale:

a.      Battle of the Bands:

i.     Travis isn’t able to be at the Fair on Fair day

ii.     He will do the groundwork for the Battle of the Bands

iii.     The Alternative School may be able to run the Battle of the Bands on the day

b.     Aftercare

i.     Have again requested a space for an art show.

ii.     May want to run an activity.

iii.     Action: Dale to find out exactly what they would like to do – then we will allocate space.

c.      Pizza

i.     Suggested that pizza dough may be able to be made instead of donated, that way it could be organic.

8.     Jobs to be done:

a.      Thank you to all of those people who have volunteered. If I haven’t emailed you the details yet, I apologise and I’ll be sending you this information as soon as possible.

b.   There are still things to be done, so please look again at the list and see what you can do to help.

1.    Events & Activities Program (Design)

2.     Map (Design) – Anthony & Cate Crolwey (M7)

3.    Equipment & Logistics

4.     Stall Equipment Boxes – Kylie Betts (R Prep & 3)

5.    Donations & Sponsorship

6.     Website & Facebook  – TBC – thank you for the emails, I’ll be in touch shortly!

7.     Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation – Kylie Betts (R Prep & 3)

8.     Liquor License – Paul Gardiner (S10)

9.     Translations Kylie Wilkinson (R Prep & 2)

10. General Shopping

11.  Organic & Homemade Market Stalls – Kathy Miller (S6, 7 & 9)

12.  Activities – Hoddle St Oval – Event Management Students

13.  Activities – Western Oval – Event Management Students

14.  Music & Dance Program – Tina Wilkins (R3) & Wolfgang

15.  Activities  – Big Marquee – Event Management Students

16.  Tickets – Helen Duggan (S7)

17.  Signage – Kelly (S2), Vashti (S Prep & 2), Elizabeth (S2)

18.  Rubbish Bins – Carolyn Shurey (R2) & the SRC (with Liria Stratus)

19.  Security – Elizabeth (S2)

Next Spring Fair meeting this Friday 16 August

9am Canteen

Please nominate a co-ordinator for your stall and collect your stall folder.


1.     Hand out Stall Folders (Stall Guide, feedback forms & roster)

2.     Bookings:

a.      Blacksmith?

3.     Playgroups

4.     Bunnings – are interested in running an activity or workshop. More details will be available at the meeting, please come along to find out more and have your say.

5.     Jobs still to be done

Thank you for the sugar!

Thank you to everyone who donated sugar. As well as many supermarket sized bags, someone very generously donated two catering sized bags! Your generosity is overwhelming, thank you.

Thank you for the fabric too!

Kelly (S2), Vashti (S Prep & 2), Elizabeth (S2) have volunteered to make some much-needed signage – especially for the southeast gate on Hoddle St.

Mary (S10) and Tania (R3 & 5) have organized donations of sheet material and quilting fabric which is an amazing start, thank you!

If you have any fabric you’re not going to use, please consider donating it to the Fair. All donations can be left in the Parents Association Kitchen off the canteen.


Calling for donations for Auctions & Raffle!

For the 3rd year, Erica (R Prep & 2) is approaching local businesses for donations with fabulous success. The donations are starting to come in so please check the list in the corridor near lost property to find the names of businesses that have donated in the past.

Erica’s doing an amazing job but we urgently need your help! Please look at the list and see if there’s a business you are comfortable approaching for a donation.

There are extra copies of the donations letter in the Reggio 3 classroom and in the corridor outside the Steiner 3 classroom. There are also copies in the foyer outside the office.

Please also think about what you might be able to offer. Are you a plumber or electrician who can donate 2 hours of your time? Do you enjoy ironing – maybe you could donate 2 hours to do that? Mechanics might offer a car service? Anything goes really! Simply write a letter describing what you’re offering, fill in the donations form and drop it in to the office or a Spring Fair meeting.

Calling for donations of second hand clothes, books & bric-a-brac!

We have finally found some ground floor space in our growing school to store and sort donations of second hand goods.

Second Hand Clothes & Bric-A-Brac

Ground Floor Foyer in the Ames Building (left door)
Please note that more space is available in the 1st floor offices if you need it.

Second Hand Books

Room 5, Ground Floor in the Ames Building (right door)

Donations can be left in the corridor.

Donations can be left at the office OR please ask the office staff for the key and leave your donation in the designated sorting space in the Ames Building. 

Do you have a holiday house?

I’ve noticed when I’ve done the rounds of other school Fairs that families lucky enough to have a holiday home sometimes donate a week end or week at their house as an auction of raffle prize.

If you have a holiday home, would you be willing to donate a holiday accommodation or week end away to our Spring Fair auction?  If you can help, please call or email Tina 0438 176 635 orcollingwoodcollegespringfair@gmail.com

Craft Group – & Donations of Hand Crafted Items

The Craft Group has been meeting since last term. If you’re interested in joining a lovely group of people for a cup of tea and craft, please ask Yuki (yuki@kiwasystems.com) to put you on the mailing list.

There are no restrictions on what kinds of craft can be sold at the Fair, so if you sew, felt, knit or crochet you might like to make something for the stall. Bags, purses, tea cosies, aprons, scarves, gloves, hats, slippers, toys, bunting etc would all be very well received!

All donated craft items can be left at the office. Please make sure your item is labeled with your name, class and a suggested price. If you use a commercial pattern, please state the name of the company. For example: McCalls doll’s dress, Pink Fig hat etc

Thanks again for everyone’s hard work. See you Friday!

Kind regards,


Spring Fair & Reggio 3

m: 0438 176 635

e: collingwoodcollegespringfair@gmail.com

Collingwood College Spring Fair

Cnr McCutcheon Way & Cromwell St (Opposite the Hoddle St Town Hall)

Sunday 20 October 2013

11am to 4pm
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