Spring Fair News 20 August, 2013

Spring Fair Meeting Friday 16 August:

Attended by: Tina (R3), Kylie (R Prep & 3), Anita (S8), Ange (S6 & 9), Linda (S1), Kylie (R Prep & 2)

Apologies: Dallas (R3), Maya (S2 & 5), Mary (S10)


1.    Hand out Stall Folders (Stall Guide, feedback forms & roster)

2.    Bookings:

a.      Blacksmith

b.     Action:

i.     Decided to move on to more engaging activities for students


3.    Playgroups

a.      Action:

i.     Tina to talk to playgroups


4.    Bunnings

a.      Concern expressed over high profile involvement in the Fair, eg. corporate management and branding

b.     Action:

i.     Tina to talk to them about seedling planting / pot decorating activity


5.    Jobs still to be done

a.      Thank you to Kylie who’s volunteered to get some information translated

b.     Languages: Arabic, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Turkish, Somali

c.      Action:

i.     Kylie writing 3 notices:

1.     Asking for help with stalls

2.     Information about tickets and pre-sale discounts

3.     Promotion of the Fair in the broader community

d.     Still urgently need help with equipment & logistics especially on Saturday 19 October to set up. I will be at the Solar Boat Challenge!!


6.    Other – sword making activity

a.      From last meeting – enthusiasm for sword making activity & dueling

b.     Concern about weapons

c.      Information passed on the Kylie (Prep – 1 children’s activities)

d.     Action:

i.     Kylie to take the info back to the classes

e.      Question: How does the renovation of the children’s garden impact on spaces for the Fair?


7.    Other – food safety & permits

a.      School is following up on new permit system & specific requirements

b.     Ange provided information about food safety

c.      Actions:

i.     Need a non-slip floor mat needed for lemonade stall – donation?

ii.     Tina to collate info for basic food safety sheet for food stalls


8.    Other – tattoos

a.      Tattoos  – high cost negative return

b.     Prefer to ask our community to do henna tattoos instead

c.      Action:

i.     Ask for people to volunteer to do henna tattoos


9.    Other – kebabs

a.      Preference to spend the money normally spent on tattoos on kebabs

b.     General feeling that there’s not enough food at the Fair

c.      Action:

i.     Tina to put a notice out asking for people to run a kebab stall

ii.     Everything will be provided by the Fair, including a chef to help

iii.     Tina to look into kebab hire etc

iv.     Kylie to include info in translated notices


10. Other – donations board

a.      Can we move it into the canteen?

b.     Needs better signage & letters available in the same spot

c.      Action:

i.     Anita to speak to After Care about moving the board out of the canteen in the afternoon


11. Other – beer & wine sponsorship

a.      We think we have a sponsor for beer

b.     Looking for a sponsor for wine

c.      Action:

i.     Tina & Kylie to approach the wine seller on the corner of Gipps & Hoddle Streets next week







1.     Jobs for the working bee

2.     Playgroups

3.     Bunnings

4.     SAKGF

5.     Kebabs

6.     Donations & Sponsorship

7.     Other


Do you speak a language other than English?

We would like to translate key information about Spring Fair into Mandarin, Vietnamese, Turkish, Arabic and Somali.

If you are able to help – or know someone who would be willing to help, please contact Tina urgently on 0438 176 635 or collingwoodcollegespringfair@gmail.com


Kebab stall at the Fair

Do you have experience making kebabs? Would you like to learn to carve and make kebabs? If so, please volunteer to help run the stall at the Fair.

Everything will be provided – all you have to do is turn up with a smile!


Henna Tattoos at the Fair

Do you know how to apply Henna tattoos? Would you be willing to practise your craft at the Fair?

We’re looking for 4 people who might like to work together running a stall at the Fair.

Please email Tina on collingwoodcollegespringfair@gmail.com or speak to your class teacher if you can help.


Calling bands and performers for the Fair

Are you one of the very talented parents who play in a band?

Would you be willing to play a set or two in the big marquee on the day of the Fair? Or perhaps you’d like to busk in the indigenous garden near the Secondhand Market or at the Children’s Café in the Children’s Garden?

If you would like to perform – or have friends who would like to perform, please email Tina oncollingwoodcollegespringfair@gmail.com


We have a new PA system!

I’d like to say a special thank you to Mary Gardiner who successfully applied for a grant to buy a portable PA system. We pick it up this week!

The PA system means we can move the loud auction into the thick of the action outside the canteen and solve the problem so many people had last year of missing it because it was a bit out of the way in the marquee.

This year it will be loud!


Thank you!

I’d just like to say thank you for all of the work that’s being done for the Fair. Donations have started to come in, the meetings have been well attended and the general enthusiasm is very exciting. I feel like we’re really gathering momentum.

Thank you to the families who have contacted me separately to offer cash and other donations, I really appreciate the thought – and the help! And also to everyone who’s volunteering their time to do the jobs that need doing.


The Spring Fair is a wonderful thing to be a part of, and I encourage everyone to find one thing to do – big or small. It’s well worth the effort!


Kind regards,

Tina Wilkins

Spring Fair & Reggio 3

Collingwood College Spring Fair

Cnr McCutcheon Way & Cromwell St (Opposite the Hoddle St Town Hall)

Sunday 20 October 2013

11am to 4pm
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