SPRING FAIR NEWS 6 August, 2013

Spring Fair Meeting Thursday 1 August:

Attended by: Tina (R3), Anna (S4), Elizabeth (S2), Angie (S6 & 9), Mia (S2 & 3), Daniel (S2 & 3), Kylie (R Prep & 3), Vashti (S Prep & 2), Kelly (S2), Richard (S Prep, 2, 5 & 7)

Thank you to everyone who came along to the meeting last Thursday, and to all of those people who have sent messages of support and who have offered to help. It was really wonderful to go through the list of jobs to do and have people offer to help. Thank you very much!

A special thank you to Sarah Lorenz (R2 & 4), whose lateral thinking put us in touch with Event Management students to supervise the Western Oval, Hoddle St Oval and Big Marquee on Fair Day. This has the potential to take the pressure off parents which is fabulous!


A folder has been prepared for every stall that contains a Stall Guide, Feedback Forms, and Rosters. Folders can be collected from the Spring Fair meeting this Friday. There is one per stall.

We still don’t have a Committee – or a small group of people who are willing and able to come along to Spring Fair meetings on a regular basis so that there is some continuity in the decision-making process.  If you can help, please come along this Friday.

We also urgently need a Treasurer. The school now requires us to have accounts with all of our suppliers instead of reimbursing parents and we need someone to work with the school on this. We also need to keep track of our spending to make sure that we keep our running costs as low as possible.

Finally, what we spend needs to be agreed to by as many people as possible – all expenses need to be approved – this is not something I want to decide on my own!! If you can come along to the Spring Fair meetings being held fortnightly from this Friday, please be part of the Spring Fair Committee.


There are still things to be done, so please look again at the list and see what you can do to help:

1.    Events & Activities Program (Design)

2.     Map (Design) – Anthony & Cate Crolwey (M7)

3.    Equipment & Logistics (2+ people)

4.     Stall Equipment Boxes – Kylie Betts (R Prep & 3)

5.    Donations & Sponsorship (2+ people)

6.    Website & Facebook

7.     Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation – Kylie Betts (R Prep & 3)

8.     Liquor License – Paul Gardiner (S10)

9.    Translations

10. General Shopping (2+ people)

11.  Organic & Homemade Market Stalls – Kathy Miller (S6, 7 & 9)

12.  Activities – Hoddle St Oval – Event Management Students

13.  Activities – Western Oval – Event Management Students

14.  Music & Dance Program – Tina Wilkins (R3) & Wolfgang

15.  Activities  – Big Marquee – Event Management Students

16.  Tickets – Helen Duggan (S7)

17.  Signage – Kelly (S2), Vashti (S Prep & 2), Elizabeth (S2)

18.  Rubbish Bins – Carolyn Shurey (R2) & the SRC (with Liria Stratus)

19.  Security – Elizabeth (S2)


Details will be emailed directly to volunteers as soon as possible!


Next Spring Fair meeting this Friday 9 August, 9am – Canteen


1.     Hand out Stall Folders (Stall Guide, feedback forms & roster)


2.     Bookings:

a.      Morris Dancers?

b.     Blacksmith?


3.     Stall locations:

a.      Chai stall – canteen or big marquee?

b.     Playgroups?

4.     Activities on the Western Oval

5.     Jobs still to be done


Survey Results:

We had a fantastic response to the survey about possible activities for the Western Oval:

  • Bungy Trampolines
  • Land Zorb Balls
  • Scouts Abseiling Wall
  • Clown Bikes

Unfortunately it’s been confirmed that the giant slide won’t fit through the gate!


The results are:

  1. Do these activities suit our Spring Fair?                 
    1. YES – 52
    2. NO – 1
  2. Would you buy a wristband for your child/children?
    1. YES – 37
    2. NO – 16

Calling for donations of second hand clothes, books & bric-a-brac!

We have finally found some ground floor space in our growing school to store and sort donations of second hand goods.


Second Hand Clothes & Bric-A-Brac

Ground floor foyer (south side under the old admin offices) in the Ames Building (left door)

Please note that more space is available in the 1st floor offices if you need it.

Donations can be left in the foyer inside the door.


Second Hand Books

The room at the end of the short corridor (left then right!), ground floor in the Ames Building (right door)

Donations can be left in the corridor on the left.


Donations can be left at the office OR please ask the office staff for the key to the Ames Building and leave your donation in the designated space!


Please don’t forget to ask the local traders for samples and unwanted stock to add to donations of second hand goods, especially clothes.


Calling for donations for Auctions & Raffle!

There are extra copies of the donations letter in the Reggio 3 classroom and in the corridor outside the Steiner 3 classroom. There are also copies in the foyer outside the office.

Please consider asking businesses in your area for donations of goods and services.

I know some people find this kind of thing easier than others. I’ve found it’s much easier to ask when I’m shopping (after I’ve made a purchase) or while I’m out for dinner.

Please also think about what you might be able to offer. Are you a plumber or electrician who can donate 2 hours of your time? Do you enjoy ironing – maybe you could donate 2 hours to do that? Mechanics might offer a car service? Anything goes really! Simply write a letter describing what you’re offering, fill in the donations form and drop it in to the office or a Spring Fair meeting.


Do you have a holiday house?

I’ve noticed when I’ve done the rounds of other school Fairs that families lucky enough to have a holiday home sometimes donate a week end or week at their house as an auction of raffle prize.

If you have a holiday home, would you be willing to donate a holiday accommodation or week end away to our Spring Fair auction?  It’s ok to ask the winner to book before a certain date and for the house to be unavailable at certain times – just be provide clear terms about what you are able to offer.

If you can help, please call or email Tina 0438 176 635 or collingwoodcollegespringfair@gmail.com


Craft Group – & Donations of Hand Crafted Items

The Craft Group has been meeting since last term. If you’re interested in joining a lovely group of people for a cup of tea and craft, please ask Yuki (yuki@kiwasystems.com) to put you on the mailing list.


There are no restrictions on what kinds of craft can be sold at the Fair, so if you sew, felt, knit or crochet you might like to make something for the stall. Bags, purses, tea cosies, aprons, scarves, gloves, hats, slippers, toys, bunting etc will all be welcome additions to the Made with Love stall! Craft at home or come along to the Craft Group.


All donated craft items can be left at the office. Please make sure your item is labeled with your name, class and a suggested price. If you use a commercial pattern, please state the name of the company. For example: McCalls doll’s dress, Pink Fig hat etc


Thanks again everyone for your hard work. See you Friday!


Kind regards,


Spring Fair & Reggio 3

m: 0438 176 635

e: collingwoodcollegespringfair@gmail.com

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