SRC Footy Day at Collingwood College

We tried to invite footy players into the school……but they were either too busy preparing for the upcoming finals, or too busy preparing for well deserved holidays overseas. So plan B was to encourage teachers and students to wear footy colours. Streamers, balloons and team logos adorned the school corridors, but the real highlight of the day was the Student Vs Staff Footy match.

DSCF1260 (2)

The staff were excited, dare I say even more so than the students…..they may have been quite diverse in ages and ability, but the desire to show the students that they were a force to be reckoned with certainly excited the students on the opposing team. With umpires all pumped up, a captivated audience and a busy ice-cream stand on the sidelines, the game sprang into life. The Student team were asked to be a little mindful of the teachers’ delicate dispositions, but that was ignored after 30 seconds of play.

DSCF1261 students

Teachers ran swiftly, jumped incessantly, fell onto the ground continuously, attempted to kick the ball hurriedly, screamed loudly, missed marks often, broke nails repeatedly, tackled intimidating students unflinchingly, and thanks to some very skilled players, unbelievably managed to kick a few goals, bringing the spectators to an almost hysterical frenzy. The Student team was amazing to behold!  Steadfast, constant, unwavering, staunch, skilled and overcome with the desire to bring down the teachers, this game of spirited football certainly would give the impending Grand Final a run for its money. So enthusiastic were the students that there were at least twenty eager students on the sidelines ready for action as they were given an opportunity to play….(even though at times students seemed to outnumber teachers four to one) most had  a chance to play.

How surprising that the teachers won the day by three points!!!! (Scored and umpired by students) But more importantly, what a great feeling of fun, healthy competition, teamwork and enjoyment shared by the school community! So popular was this event, that we have promised another opportunity in the early part of term four to repeat the experience…but no-one is allowed to use the word ‘Revenge!


A great way to finish the term!

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