Spring Fair News – 9 October

Spring Fair News 08/10/13

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a lovely break. I’m very sorry I’ve had a bit of a slow start to the term and the first request is more urgent than the others…

It’s going to get very busy over the next two weeks and I’d like to thank everyone in advance for all of their hard work. It’s shaping up to being a great Fair!


Kind regards,


Donations for Chutney, Lemon Curd & Cakes

Desley and her students will be making date chutney and lemon curd over the next two weeks and the year 7s will start baking this weekend for the Fair.  If you would like to help, below is a list of ingredients we’re hoping can be donated.


Chutney Lemon Curd Cakes**
1 x 2.5kg tinned tomatoessoft brown sugar



6 x 250g unsalted butter*12 dozen eggs

10kg soft brown sugar

ButterSelf raising flour

Fine semolina


Ground cloves

Vanilla Essence

Raw sugar

Castor sugar

Icing sugar


Shredded coconut

Tinned pears

Frozen berries

Apples, pears & bananas

Oranges, lemons & limes

Dried mixed fruit & peel

Food colouring

Sweetened condensed milk

Marie biscuits

Strawberry jam



*Desley tells me that Aldi is the cheapest place to buy unsalted butter!

** We’ve had 15 dozen eggs donated for the cakes! Thanks Mary Gardiner!!

Please drop your donations at the office or at Desley’s kitchen as soon as possible.


Working Bee THIS SUNDAY 9am – 5pm

Please stand by for a list of jobs to be done!



I urgently need to find people who are willing to help for a couple of hours on Fair Day on the following stalls:


1.     Ticket booth (on the basketball court)

2.     Coffee machines (in the canteen and on the oval)

3.     Bar (in the big marquee)

4.     SAKGF stall (next to the cake stall on the oval)

5.     Kebab stall


Please text your name, hours you can work, and stall to Tina on 0438 176 635 or emailcollingwoodcollegespringfair@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Can you MC in the Big Marquee?

I’m looking for two or three people to introduce the orchestras and other performances in the big marquee. Script provided!

Ticket & Wristband Sales

Remember tickets and wristbands are cheaper if you buy them from the office before 4pm Friday 18 October.


Bunnings “Awareness Table” THIS SATURDAY 10am  – 4pm

Bunnings Hawthorn have given us a table near the garden section to sell raffle tickets this Saturday between 10am and 4pm.

It’s a great opportunity to promote the Fair and Open Day. We’ll not just be selling raffle tickets, we’ll also have books, tea towels and bags for sale.

If you like to talk about our wonderful school, then this is for you! Students welcome!

If you can help for an hour or so, please text your name and hours you can work to Tina on 0438 176 635 or email collingwoodcollegespringfair@gmail.com as soon as possible.


Raffle Tickets

Don’t forget to sell your book of raffle tickets to family and friends. More books are available from the office – the three people who sell the most tickets will each win a wristband!

Competition details available from the office.


600 books = 6000 tickets @ $2 each = $12,000!

Donations! Donations! Donations!

Thank you to all of those people who’ve been asking local businesses for donations. If you’ve been thinking about it there’s still time! Please try to bring your donations in to the office by this Friday.

The website will be updated again later this week so stand by to check out the auction items!http://collingwood.vic.edu.au/news/spring-fair/


Coles, Safeway & IGA Gift Cards

We use gift cards donated by the major supermarkets to purchase the foodstuffs that can’t be donated.

When you’re shopping, please ask the store manager if they would be prepared to donate a gift card. Gift cards range from $25 to $200 – every bit helps!

You will need a donations letter and form to identify yourself. Often the staff will take the letter and you will need to follow up with the manager a couple of days later.

Please help if you can!

Are You A Wine Connoisseur?

I need a couple of people to shop for wines for the bar! You will need to have a good nose and a willingness to ask if they’ll do us a good price for the Fair!


Spring Fair Meeting This Friday



                                                                       i.     Friday 11 October

                                                                      ii.     Friday 18 October


There are information folders available to help you run your stall. They include copies of rosters and other information. If yours hasn’t been collected, please drop in to the meeting this Friday.

Please bring along your news, questions, problems and happy faces. It’s getting to the sticky end so there’ll be cake!


Thanks again!!

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