Wellington Street Cycling

***This information was sent by a parent who cycles in Collingwood with her family and feel that the Yarra Council need to rethink their decision regarding upgrading cycling infrastructure in Wellington Street.

Wellington Street Bicycle Lanes Voted Down in Final Stage

“Councillors have unexpectedly backed away from supporting crucial bicycle infrastructure in Wellington Street despite a majority of residents registering their support for the project. Fortunately YCAN is confident this decision can be reversed if enough people call/contact City of Yarra Council. See below for contact details and some tips of what to say.

What to do?

1. Phone City of Yarra office and leave a message 9205 5055.

2. Alternatively phone Councillors who voted NO or abstained:
Cr Barbour  0438 034 241 or email Geoff.Barbour@yarracity.vic.gov.au (voted NO)
Cr Colanzi 0428 328 904 or email Roberto.Colanzi@yarracity.vic.gov.au (voted NO)
Cr Huggins 0419 581 469 or email Simon.Huggins@yarracity.vic.gov.au (voted NO)
Cr Fristacky 0412 597 794 or email Jackie.Fristacky@yarracity.vic.gov.au (abstained)
Cr Vlahogiannis 0428 323 916 or email Phillip.Vlahogiannis@yarracity.vic.gov.au (voted NO)

3. Attend the Council Meeting on 17 Dec 7 pm at Richmond Town Hall. You can speak in favour of the Wellington St bike route (5 mins max) or just be there to boost the numbers. YCAN will be making a verbal submission.

Cheat Sheet points:
·       Ask why we have a bicycle policy if Councillors are going to back away from the vital Wellington street upgrade? Remind them that without projects that really create bike lanes to world’s best practice, Yarra cannot become “the best cycling city in Australia” or “have an effective interconnected, continuous and well maintained bicycle network that inexperienced and experienced riders feel safe and comfortable using” (quotes taken from CoY bicycle policy doc).
·       Do they recall the majority of the community wants bicycle infrastructure built?
·       What is the reason why Councillors did not accept the advice of Council Officers to tender the construction?
·      Remind them just how scary it can be out there on the roads: “Helmet cameras tested on Melbourne roads two years ago show how prevalent scares are for cyclists… Monash University Accident Research Centre found in footage compiled by 13 riders over 127 hours there were two crashes, six near-crashes and 46 instances where riders had to take evasive action. Drivers were at fault 87 per cent of the time” (The Age).”

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