A Taste of Year 7 for Year 5-6 Students

An astonishing250+ students have had a taste of what it is like in Year 7 at Collingwood College over the past 4 days. Years 5-6 students from Richmond West, Richmond, Fitzroy, Yarra, Abbotsford and Thornbury Primary Schools as well as our own Year 5-6 students spent a morning sampling lessons presented by Collingwood College secondary teachers. We hope many of their families come to our Open Day on Thursday, 8 May.

Last Thursday Mary-Ann, Jane, Amy and Mel’s classes all took part in a taster morning in the secondary school.

The program had a few aims. The first was to give students a feel for what teaching and learning would look and feel like in the Secondary School. Additionally we wanted students to meet some of the teachers they are likely to meet in the near future as they move through to Secondary.

A number of subjects were offered including Maths, English, Science and Animation. The lessons are designed to be fun and engaging while still offering a distinct academic flavour.

In Science students studied different chemicals reactions using litmus paper focusing on acids, bases and pH levels. The students really enjoyed making predictions and watching the different colours on the paper change either proving their thoughts correct or offering a surprise.

In Maths some students learnt about mathematical structure. They used spaghetti and marshmallows to build the tallest tower. Students planned and discussed in detail which shapes would offer the best structure with the winning groups realising triangles offered the best support. In the other maths group students used sand to learn about Pythagoras theorem. They all left with a clear understanding of the relationship between three sides of a triangle.

Students that took part in the Animation class were able to explore shapes further by creating, colouring, joining and moving them in a program called Maya. The students really enjoyed a taste of technology. The Steiner students completed an English class with a Steiner feel with Charlotte. This focused on poems with students bravely reciting their poem at the end of the lesson for their peers.





Maths Structure



Animation Activity


Pythagoras Activity



Science Activity

Thanks to Liria & Craig for organising the ‘taster days’ and for the dedicated Collingwood College staff for their support

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