Prep-1-2 Family Maths Night

Last Tuesday night, our library and then 3/4 rooms were filled with the sounds of counting and discussing and pondering and tipping and pouring and thinking as we all took part in the family maths nights.  This year, students took part in a treasure hunt to get them thinking about maths.  Once they had filled their treasure chest with gems, and received their certificate, they settled down to play some maths games with their parents.  It was lovely to see the students working things out with the help of their parents.  There were some more hands-on activities this year which were very popular.  I will be putting copies of most of the games that we had out to play on the school website so that if you missed them on the night (or if you had lots of fun playing them and want to do some more at home) you can download them and print them out.


photo 1

photo 3

photo 2Some feedback would be gratefully accepted in the spirit in which it is given – to help us improve and make the night even better next year.  Some suggestions we have already are to have a few of each of the treasure hunt activities so there aren’t queues for them (ie 3 tubs of rice!), spread out into the 5/6 room so there is more room and some quiet space, and have some activities learned at school prior to the night so students can show their parents how to play the games.  I’m sure that you have lots of ideas to share – just sent them to me and we’ll consider all ideas for next year.  Thank you to everyone who came and helped make it a lovely community maths event (and an especial thanks to all those that were able to bring some afternoon tea to share as well – it was a sumptuous feast!)  Jacinta Walker (

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