Seeds, Sprouts, Tendrils, Branches Performance

Thanking all our school community for attending Seeds, Sprouts, Tendrils, Branches. The excitement could be felt throughout the crowd and the students presented a wonderful performance to be remembered in years to come.

photo seeds

photo 1


photo 2

photo 3

We were all very pleased that Ann Kelly from Arts Victoria attended our event and  had the opportunity to see all our wonderful work.


Below is what was read out at the end of our performance, as it could not be heard clearly. We are giving everyone the opportunity to read it.


“We hope you all enjoyed this wonderful event.

Our Collingwood College Community would like to thank Arts Victoria who with out their support this event would not have been possible. 

We would also like to thank Ann Kelly from Arts Victoria who has attended tonight’s event. We are grateful that she has had the opportunity to see all the wonderful work that has been created.  

We would like to thank Dale our school principal Craig our Secondary school principal and Keir our Primary school principal whose help and support was valuable during this event.

Thanking our wonderful staff, including Angela who coordinated this program. 

Thanking our school community as a whole, who were wonderful and helpful. 

As well as all our students who participated as part of this program.

All the people who are external to the school yet became part of our school community and offered to help.

A special thanks to you our wonderful audience.                     

Now, we would like to give a sincere thanks to Hellen Sky who offered our school a wonderful opportunity to work with a Digital Multi Media artist. Regardless if students were part of this event or not, recess and lunchtime at our school was never the same. Boxes surrounded us all, bags swinging, sound tracks playing. Our office staff and Dale who could hear it all as they tried to work quietly never complained once about the noise.  Hellen we appreciate all your hard work. Thanking you from all of us.”


Visual Art Teacher – Primary School

Collingwood College

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