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They’re back…

Head lice are common in school-aged children and are the most adaptable of creatures.  They have survived living solely on human for 10 000 years.  You may be reassured to know that they are commonly found in places other than Collingwood College.


Some of the reasons they have survived for as long as they have are:

  1. •The six legs of a louse end in a claw, allowing them to grip the hair.
  2. •They detect vibration and can hide – (conditioner will help fix this problem)
  3. •Head lice can ‘hold’ their breath for 20 mins – looking like they are dead.
  4. •The eggs are attached to the hair with a ‘glue’ like substance.  Studies conducted on 45 different products to dissolve the ‘glue’ showed nothing would dissolve it.

The good news…

We know where they live and we know how to find them.

If you follow these steps, once a week, the control of head lice in your home will be greatly improved.

Step1Comb inexpensive hair conditioner on to dry, brushed (detangled) hair.  This makes it difficult for lice to grip the hair or run around;

Step 2Wipe the conditioner from the comb onto a paper towel or tissue;

Step 3Look on the tissue and on the comb for lice and eggs;

Step 4If lice or eggs are found, the child should be treated;

Step 5If the child has been treated recently and only hatched eggs are found, you may not have to treat since the eggs could be from the old infection.


If your child has head lice – tell anyone who has had head to head contact with them and ask them to check their family for head lice. 


Dept of Health, Victoria


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