Parent’s Association Calls Extraordinary General Meeting

The Parent’s Association AGM was held on Thursday 19th March, 2015. We had LOTS of apologies, and unfortunately only 4 members, which meant we couldn’t hold the AGM (we need 7). It was exciting to see some new faces.

SO we’re holding an Extraordinary Meeting of the PA on:

Monday 20th April, 3-4:30pm (2nd week of term 2)

This is your chance to get involved in 2015.

Instead of holding the AGM we talked about the role of the PA and what parents want. We got clear that there are 2 main interests:

  1. Parents want the PA to provide opportunities for social connection, and meeting other families.
  2. PA members are interested in the role of the PA as a representative of parent voice in the school.

2014 in Summary:

The focus of the PA over the last 12 months was to look at the processes for how parents contribute to the school. We have worked to align the Parents Association constitution (which is just our operating guidelines) with school policy and protocols. We’ve drafted processes and policies which make it easier for parents to participate (for example in Spring Fair). Not to mention that we again organised some very successful events – cake stalls, and the Spring Fair!

Some positive outcomes:

  1. There is now a co-opted PA member on School Council who is able to report directly on all matters that are brought to the PA, and to ask for action.
  2. The PA is set well to function smoothly and efficiently.
  3. We have tabled revised policies and processes for Fundraising and Money Handling, which will be developed by EdPol (the education policy subcommittee of School Council). This should help transparency and communication for parents.
  4. Significantly, there is a proposal to establish a separate Fundraising Sub-committee of School Council. This clarity, if passed by School Council (on 26th March) establishes clear lines of communication and responsibility. What’s exciting about this for the PA, is it frees the PA membership to focus on what’s important to the PA members.

What’s Next:

The PA Office Bearers are calling an Extraordinary Meeting to decide the future of the PA.

We will nominate and elect the 2015 PA office bearers (ie. President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) and a School Council rep.

If we can’t get our 4 Office Bearer positions filled for 2015, we must call a dissolution of the Association (because we won’t be constitutionally valid). In the event that we do dissolve this means we will only have informal representation in the school (no School Council rep).

That’s the formal bit, what’s really next is:

  • Holding the Extra-ordinary Meeting
  • Talking about what people want to focus on in 2015 (we’re guessing it’s about strengthening connections)
  • Figuring out what small or not so small things we’d like to contribute to (eg. surveying parent opinions, small fundraising events, social gatherings, reading and research groups, workshops…)
  • Getting the ball rolling on building friendships, seeking change where it matters, and supporting our great school community.

Please come along! 

If you can’t but want to nominate for a position, email

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