Spring Fair News – 20 August

(9 weeks until SPRING FAIR!)



Tina has arranged for Avanti Cycles to again donate a bicycle as first prize. Dinner vouchers are being sought for the two other prizes. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Need  a team of two parent volunteers to work with Comms & Marketing team to coordinate design/printing/distribution of raffle tickets.

Spring Fair Market stalls

A few stall holders have approached the SF Committee to request a stall. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Need a team of two parent volunteers to coordinate SF Market Stalls.

Fete Collective 

Fete Collective team will need to coordinate with Trevor for the day the container arrives as bollards need to be set out to reserve space for container truck to deliver the container. Recycle bins will also need space to be dropped off in loading bay car park. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Suzi Batten has kindly volunteered to be our Fete Collective coordinator.  She needs one more volunteer to support her with this.

Spring Fair Finance

Two parent volunteers required to work with Finance Committee to make necessary arrangements for SF finances to run smoothly. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Need a team of two parent volunteers to lead our SF Finance team.

Working bees – week before and day before Spring Fair

Need coordinator for all tasks. Signage to be checked on week before fair. Marquee to be put up the day before Spring Fair. Wood fire pizza oven to be lighted on Saturday and monitored/stoked up overnight. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Need a team of two parent volunteers to be our SF Working Bee team. 

Chai Stall

Kathy Miller and Deanne are keen to coordinate the Chai Stall again this year. VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Parent volunteers please contact Kathy 0419 896 652 if you can help.

Please call or text Yuki 0414 489 814 or email fundraisingcollingwood@gmail.com if you can help with any of these roles!




A school family has offered their services free of charge to design the poster. Katie F, Kelsaya and Craig are working with design company Common Code. Aim is to have the artwork ready Thursday 20 August. ACTION: Katie to report at next Friday meeting on poster progress.


Carolyn S has again volunteered to coordinate bins for fair day. ACTION: Carolyn to keep SF Committee updated on progress.


Chris suggested a cello ensemble to play on Friday night launch of Art Show. Chris also suggested the Library to be a good space on fair day for acoustic music performances. ACTION: Chris to discuss with Craig and report back to Spring Fair committee.


Donations letter to be finalised by Nada and signed by Dale. ACTION: Yuki, Nada and Dale to finish donations letter and distribute.

Working bee to clean up Spring Fair equipment

Team of helpers needed ASAP ACTION: Kylie L offered coordinate Spring Fair equipment working bee, aim to complete within the next 2-3 weeks. Trevor knows where all SF equipment is currently stored. Coordinate with Dale as to best long term storage options for SF equipment.

Delegating Dale’s tasks for Spring Fair day as he will be away in China

  • Lock up & security for school on Friday/Saturday evenings and during Saturday working bee.
  • Coordinating cleaners
  • Saturday  working bees – coordinate with VSL (re: use of play areas at recess)
  • Breakfast for Sunday volunteers
  • Open up school on Sunday morning
  • Lock up school on Sunday evening
  • Food and drinks for Sunday evening volunteers
  • Supervise/checklist Fete Collective items going into the container
  • Arrange delivery of extra Fete Collective items that do not fit in the container (Monday morning)
  • Education precinct – staff roster for SF day (Reggio and Steiner, Primary and Secondary specialists required), school tours, interactive whiteboard display

ACTION: Yuki to coordinate delegation of Dale’s SF day tasks. Further discussion next Friday.


Postcards and  raffle tickets (see above)

Alina in the Library should be able to assist with printing/photocopy A4 and A3 posters ACTION: Poster team / Comms & Marketing to coordinate with Alina.


Alison’s class 9C to be contacted to confirm whether they will run Bric-a-brac stall. If Bric-a-brac is happening this year, need a team of parent volunteers to coordinate. Important that arrangements are made for all unsold items to be removed on Monday following the fair. ACTION: Nada to confirm whether 9C are running Bric-a-brac.

Pizza Oven 

A family from 7C has offered firewood for pizza oven, they just need to know when and where to deliver the wood. ACTION: Alison to coordinate with Campbell and Frank RE: amount of firewood needed/storage/delivery schedule and keep SF Committee updated.

Yuki (0414 489 814 ) & Nada (0478 604 448 )

on behalf of the  Fundraising Committee – Collingwood College

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