Weekly Spring Fair Meeting Notes – Friday 21 August 2015

Collingwood College Community Fair – Sunday 18 October, 11am-4pm

Cromwell Street & McCutcheon Way, Collingwood VIC 3066



  1. Poster
  2. Auctions, Raffle & Donations 
  3. Food & Drinks
  4. Storage of Fair info & planning documents
  5. Rides & Activities 
  6. Playgroups
  7. Map & Programme
  8. Art Show poster & flyer
  9. Principal’s photography competition 
  10. Short Film competition
  11. Finance procedure for Fair purchases
  12. Market Stalls
  13. Gyms


Attendees: Yuki C, Laurel K, Milica F, Lauren D, Suzi B, Paul J, Kylie L, Katie F, Sue M, Dale P (Principal), Craig B (Principal – Secondary School)

Apologies: Nada S, Kelsaya A.

1. Poster

Discussed changing name of Spring Fair to “Community Fair and Open Day”, all agreed to change name to ‘Community Fair’. Katie F tabled poster design. Accepted with minor changes (add  wording: Community Fair and Open Day, school tours, free community event, kitchen garden).

Discussed fonts used on posters.

ACTION: Katie F to finalise poster design with designer, to be approved by Dale, Craig, Yuki and Katie F and sent to printer ASAP.

ACTION: A4 PDF version of poster to be distributed via email. 2 per page PDF version to be distributed to allow families to print and distribute.

ACTION: Lauren to write & distribute explanation info on reasons for name change.

ACTION: Yuki to request font details (used on school branding) from Sapphira.

2. Auctions, Raffle & Donations

Reminder that all classes are requested to find two donations for the Auctions.

Laurel Kanost and Suzi Batten have volunteered to lead the Auctions, Raffle and Donations Team. Thanks Suzi & Laurel!

Raffle: Learning With Technologies (the school’s supplier of IT equipment) has kindly donated a tablet as a raffle prize. Thank you Learning With Technologies!

Sponsors: The letter requesting donations states that sponsors will be listed on a billboard on Hoddle St, on posters within the school and included on the school website. These need to be organised. Thank-you certificates also need to be organised.

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Two more volunteers needed to assist with donations, raffle and auctions. Please call or text Yuki 0414 489 814 for more info and to volunteer!

ACTION: ALL CLASSES AND CLASS TEACHERS to seek a minimum of two donations.

ACTION: Laurel, Suzi and Yuki to meet and hand over auction/raffle/donations info.

ACTION: Auctions, Raffle & Donations team to organise sponsor acknowlegements.

3. Food & Drinks

Paul Jenkin has volunteered to lead the Food & Drinks Team. Katie Falkiner has offered to be part of the team. Thanks Paul and Katie!

Drinks: Mary and Paul Gardiner are organising drinks for the bar (including licenses) and have also volunteered to organise all beverages for the fair. Thanks Mary & Paul!

Discussed mobile water fountain (supplied in previous years by City West Water). Advice from previous fair organisers was that they have been unreliable regarding delivery time and communications. Also complicated to get trailer in and out on fair day. Decision to use bottled water this year rather than water fountain.

Food: Need to ensure that there are sufficient food options for fair-goers and that all food providers meet food handling standards.

Request for more easy and healthy food for kids to be available. Can the children’s cafe serve a bit of healthier food e.g. vegetable sticks and dip?

Tivoli Bakery has offered to donate bread for the fair but need to know how much bread is needed.

Trevor Williams of Tatertown Baked Potatoes has approached the school to offer his services. Rhapsody’s Cafe in Carlton North has also approached the school as a local business wanting to build connections.

Supplies: Paul and Katie F to work with Kylie L  to determine what supplies (cups, plates etc.) are in storage and what needs to be ordered.

Food Team Contacts: Paul (pauljohnjenkin@gmail.com), Katie (katie.falkiner@gmail.com

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Two more foodie volunteers needed to assist Paul on the Food & Drinks Team. Please call or text Yuki 0414 489 814 for more info and to volunteer!

ACTION: Paul to meet with Yuki & Tina to hand over food & beverages info.

ACTION: Provide Mary & Paul with list of drinks required, delivery time, storage logistics info.

ACTION: Paul to research best bottled water option to be discussed at next meeting.

ACTION: Food team to contact Tatertown Baked Potatoes and Rhapsody’s cafe to explore options.

ACTION: Food team to determine how much bread is needed and contact Tivoli Bakery.

4. Storage of Fair info & planning documents

Dale and Craig advised that Fair planning documents (final plans and best work) can be stored on Compass in School Documentation section. Documents stored here can be viewed by parents but not edited. Uploading Fair documents may be done by creating a Parents Association login.

A Procedure/checklist to be established to determine for what documents are stored on Compass. There is a Spring Fair Google Docs account that can be used for sharing working documents online.

ACTION: Laurel to follow up with Craig and begin process of collating Fair documents on to Compass.

ACTION: Craig to set up PA account on Compass.

5. Rides & Activities

Rides and activities this year will be: Pony rides, Animal Nursery and Wicked Wildlife, all kids activities in the prep garden and surrounds. People like the idea of a wristband or perhaps a passport.

Signage for activities: Kylie L will set a day to make signs and wayfinding planning. The need is to get more people into the prep garden enjoying the activities.

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Two volunteers to lead the Rides & Activities Team. Please call or text Yuki 0414 489 814 for more info and to volunteer!

ACTION: Kylie L to set date for sign-making and call for helpers.

6. Playgroups

Steiner playgroup keen to have room open as quiet play/breast-feeding/nappy-change space. Dale confirmed that the courtyard and toilets will be open on Fair day. Discussed importance of playgroups as a way for new families to test out the school. Garden works in courtyard should make welcoming and peaceful space for families with young children.

ACTION: Laurent to arrange helpers for set-up/rostering/pack-down on Fair day.

ACTION: Lauren to liaise with Reggio playgroup to see what involvement they would like to have.

7. Map & Programme

Paul Gardiner has provided a map of the school to be used for the fair. Thanks Paul!

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Two or more volunteers with logistics/design skills needed to plan layout of activities and prepare map & programme. Please call or text Yuki 0414 489 814 for more info and to volunteer!

8. Art Show poster & flyer

Art teachers Theresa and Sam are organising a poster/flyer for the Art Show.

9. Principal’s photography competition 

The school is launching a ‘Principal’s photography competition’ next Friday. It will have various categories and be open to all students, staff and parents. The competition will be judged on Fair Day at 3pm.

10. Short Film competition

The school will also launch a ‘Short Film competition’ next Friday. It will also have various categories and be open to all students, staff and parents. The competition will be judged on Fair Day at  3.30pm

11. Finance procedure for Fair purchases

Dale confirmed that the school covers expenses for the Fair and is reimbursed for these costs out of the funds that are raised by the fair. See Appendix 1 for purchase approval guidelines.

12. Market Stalls

Market team still required.

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Two volunteers with logistics skills to organise market stalls (registration, bump-in/bump-out info, equipment, placement of stalls etc.) Please call or text Yuki 0414 489 814 for more info or to volunteer!

13. Gyms

Dale explained that In the past the gym has been used on Fair day as an active centre with badminton, table tennis etc. for simple free games. Gyms are available for activities on the day.

ACTION: Anyone who would like to run an activity in the gyms, contact Yuki or Nada.

Meeting closed 10.36​am

Yuki (0 414 489 814 ) & Nada (0478 604 448 )

on behalf of the  Fundraising Committee Collingwood College

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