COMMUNITY FAIR – Weekly Meeting Notes – 11 Sept

Hi Everyone,

Last week of Term 3! Wow that term went quickly!! Wishing you all a happy and relaxed Spring Holidays.

A big thank you to all the parents and staff that came along to last Friday’s meeting. It was a big meeting with lots of ideas and energy. Thank you also to all those who are working quietly behind the scenes to pull their class stalls together.

Looking forward to one more meeting and a quick working bee to spruce up the PA kitchen on Friday.

Hope to see you there.


on behalf of the  Fundraising Committee Collingwood College


Weekly Community Fair Meeting Notes – Friday  11 September 2015

Collingwood College Community Fair – Sunday 18 October, 11am-4pm

Cromwell Street & McCutcheon Way, Collingwood VIC 3066



  1. Poster/Postcards/Billboards
  2. Tickets & Wristbands
  3. Bookings update
  4. Class Stalls update
  5. Map & Program
  6. Leadership & formalities
  7. Content for website
  8. Raffle
  9. Food 
  10. Working Bees
  11. Market Stalls
  12. Pizza Oven


Attendees: Yuki C, Ian M, Marion H, Maya S, Christine C, Paul J, Kylie B, Mary G, Suzi B, Fiona M, Lauren D, Katie F, Sylvia T, Kylie L, Donna M, Tony G, Peter G.

Apologies: Dale P, Craig B.


Discussed locations and size of billboards. Request to ask Jellis Craig use bigger billboards if possible and to put one up at Fitzroy High.

ACTION: Craig to liaise with Jellis Craig and Fitzroy High.

Discussed distribution of postcards/posters – mail out to local Pre-schools and Primary Schools and to other Steiner pre-schools & schools. Bundle of postcards to go out for all students

ACTION: Suzi & Jacinta to coordinate distribution of postcards to families

Tickets & Wristbands

Lauren & Penny will coordinate. Early bird tickets available on first day of term. $25 tickets for $20. Get 20% of what they take. Clown bikes approved.

Yuki to provide list from Nada.

Correction: breakfast on Sunday morning ONLY.

Stall setup instructions – Mary to provide to FR Committee.

Tickets must be on ticket booths first thing.

Bookings update

The following bookings have been made: St John Ambulance (First Aid), Rain Hayne & Shine Farmyard (Animal Nursery), VenomWise (reptiles & dingo pups), Balloons By Design (Clown Bikes), Smart Amusements (Fairy floss & Snow cone machines), Caterent (Hot box for pizzas), Ice Age Refrigeration (Portable cool room), ATM machines, Security.

Class Stalls update

Class 7C (Campbell) and Class 3B (Bernice) will work together to run the Cake Stall and Jams & Preserves that will include a Fermented Foods demonstration in the afternoon.

Ian M, a Class 7C parent,  offered to make walking sticks. These will be sold on the Made with Love stall. Thanks Ian!

5/6 would like to run a student disco. Questions raised re potential damage to floor in dance studio.

Post meeting note: Class 5/6 have decided not to proceed with disco. 

Map & Program

Maps provided by Paul G. Due to limited time Map & Program will be discussed at next meeting.

Leadership & formalities

Formal invitations to be sent to relevant dignitaries.

ACTION: Jacinta W to coordinate with Leadership team/Office staff & provide update at next meeting.

Query as to which classrooms will be open? Ground floor prep, 1 & 2? Which teachers will be in the classroom? Rostering for lunch & breaks or food provision in the classroom?

ACTION: Jacinta W to coordinate with Leadership/Staff & provide update at next meeting.

Query as to School tours – what times are the classroom/school tours are happening? Should these go on the program? Meeting point for school tours? Will there be a school info stand?

ACTION: Jacinta W to arrange for Tim Arundell to work on the day & run school info stall. 

ACTION: Jacinta W to coordinate with Leadership/staff regarding School Tour times and report back at next meeting.

Content for website

Tim Arundell will update the website with new content for the 2015 Community Fair as it is provided.

VOLUNTEER REQUIRED: One or two parent volunteer needed to collate and submit content to go on website. 

To volunteer please contact: Yuki 0414 489 814 |


Raffle tickets have been printed and parcelled up ready for distribution to families. Thanks Suzi for leading this!

ACTION: Suzi/Laurel to provide Office Staff with box to collect tickets & money.

Raffle ticket seller on the day of the fair – in the past sold $600 worth of tickets on the day. Raffle tickets alson need to be available at the ticket booths.

ACTION: Suzi/Laurel to arrange ticket seller and extra raffle books for ticket booths.

It was noted that in past raffle tickets sent only to youngest child per family. This provides enough raffle books to give out to all classes from prep to year 9.

Donations & Auction

Discussed what has happened with Donations and Auctions in the past. Past coordinators noted that obtaining donations was the easy part, handling and processing donations was time consuming and stressful due to limited helpers. Laurel and Suzi are leading this team this year and are exploring all possibilities including a $10, $20, $50 lucky dip option and pre-purchasing items via online auction before fair day and limiting number of Silent & Loud Auction items to a maximum of 100 items.

ACTION: Suzi/Laurel to provide update at next meeting.

ACTION:  Jacinta to book room for wrapping donated items. Only Auction team to have access to this room. 

ACTION: Suzi/Laurel to provide list of Approved Auction Team Personnel to the Office.


Discussed food options. All agreed to proceed with the following:

  • Taco truck (external provider, terms to be negotiated by Food Team and Fair Committee)
  • Wood Fired Pizzas
  • Curries
  • Baked potatoes
  • 2 x Sausage Sizzles

Curries – All agreed to pay qualified person to lead curry preparation if needed. Expert curry makers are being approached.

ACTION: Paul J to lead curry making parent volunteers. 

ACTION: Mary G to source as many ingredients as possible via donations.  

Insurance for using Canteen – query as to whose insurance covers students serving curries.

ACTION: Jacinta to clarify insurance/access to Canteen Kitchen (Saturday 17 Oct & Sunday 18 Oct). 

ACTION: Dale/Jacinta to confirm formal arrangements with H&H Canteens to have access to Canteen Kitchen and . 

Food Safety Certificates – school need to have one person with this qualification to conduct Food Safety checks of all food providers on Fair Day. Food Safety Rules & Regulations info to be given to every food stall provider. These need go into Equipment boxes.

ACTION: Working Bee team to ensure Food Safety info goes into relevant equipment boxes. 

ACTION: Food team & Suzi to assign Food Safety Officer and conduct Food Safety Checks on Fair Day.

Paper plates vs reusable crockery & cutlery – The Fair organisers would love to be able to have reusable crockery for the curry stall because  it’s so much GREENER.

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Want to do your bit for the Environment?!! It’s not glamourous – but if you’re willing to do dishes, clean tables etc., get in touch. Without volunteers we’ll have to use disposables. We need you! 

ACTION: Donations of metal cutlery are welcomed by the Canteen and PA kitchen, these may be used on Fair Day. 

Lead volunteers – Lead volunteers will be entitled to a free meal & drink at any school run food stall. They will also be given a ‘PRIORITY PASS’ to enable them JUMP THE QUEUE and get their food quickly. Self-nominate as a Lead Volunteer if you’ve done lots of work in the leadup to the fair or if you will be running your class stall for half the day (or the whole day!) on Fair Day. All Lead Volunteers to collect food vouchers and PRIORITY PASSES at Working Bee on Saturday 17th Oct.

Contact: Lauren Dirck 0422 133 655 for more info on Lead Volunteers.

Working Bees

Big Marquee – Damon O’Sullivan has offered to be part of the new team to keep the Big Marquee setup/pack-up knowledge alive. Thanks Damon!

VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED: Putting up the Big Marquee is a BIG JOB, we need a few more families to learn the ropes (the good men of Collingwood College who have been doing it for more than 10 years are moving on and we need that hand over to happen this year). 

To volunteer please contact : with your name & contact details and please CC

ACTION: Peter G and Paul G to coordinate with Damon O and any new Big Marquee volunteers.

Clean up on Monday 19th October – Need to plan clean up volunteers for the day after the fair, the PA kitchen often needs attention.

ACTION: Liria to discuss with SRC if they would be happy to take this on? 

Banners – need to be placed in equipment boxes or in banners box if they are too large.

Gloves & napkins – stocktake happening today. There is a list in each equipment box of what items are needed for each stall.

ACTION: Yuki to request electronic versions of equipment box lists from Tina 

A large ice box belonging to the Fete Collective has been found in Reggio playgroup room. It will be moved to Community Fair store room and returned to the container after the fair.

Market Stalls

There is a steady stream of enquiries for market stalls. Lauren D & Dee B are coordinating bookings.

Pizza Oven

Ian M will donate all wood (dried blue gum). Thanks Ian!

ACTION: Ian, Maya and Frank to coordinate quantity and delivery details for wood.

Mary G gave update on pizza ingredients that were donated last year.

ACTION: Mary to forward all lists of what is donated and where from to

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