Weekly Community Fair Meeting Notes – Friday  4 September 2015

Collingwood College Community Fair – Sunday 18 October, 11am-4pm

Cromwell Street & McCutcheon Way, Collingwood VIC 3066



  1. Outstanding tasks – volunteers still needed!!
  2. Fundraising Committee 
  3. Donations Letter and Donations Record 
  4. Donations – Certificates of Appreciation
  5. Poster
  6. Raffle
  7. Food
  8. Food vouchers for lead volunteers
  9. Working bees
  10. Gift vouchers
  11. Class stalls update
  12. PA freezer clean out


Attendees: Yuki C, Christine C, Lauren D, Milica F, Kylie L, Katie F, Paul J, Sue M, Penny H, Jacinta W (Acting Assistant Principal)

Apologies: Alison M, Mary-Ann D, Nada S, Dale P (Principal)

1. Outstanding tasks – volunteers still needed!!

    1. Working bees – Work with BES (Buildings Environment and Sustainability) Committee to prepare plan for working bee tasks & logistics.VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Two parent volunteers URGENTLY needed to help BES coordinate working bees.

Contact: Yuki 0414 489 814  | fundraisingcollingwood@gmail.com

2. Fundraising Committee

For personal reasons Nada has had to withdraw from the Fundraising Committee. Thank you Nada for your contributions and wishing you and your family well.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Urgent call for a few people to join the Fundraising Committee – this task to too much for Yuki to handle on her own!

3. Donations Letter and Donations Record

Reminder that each class to seek a minimum of 2 donations for Loud/Silent Auctions. All classes reminded to seek donations for any items their stall requires eg. dry goods, gardening supplies, craft items etc.

Process for asking for donations:

1) Write your name on the Sponsors List located on the Community Notice Board (in the corridor next to the Canteen) against the name of the business you are approaching for donations. If the business name is not on the list please add it at the bottom of the list. THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT so that businesses are not asked more than once for a donation!

2) Take a Donations Letter and Donations Record form (hard copy on the Community Notice Board or in the Office, electronic copy attached) and take this to the donor business. Fill out the Volunteer Details section of the Donations Record form and ask the business fill out the Business Details section of the form (this is important so we know what sponsor name to put on the website and what address to send the Certificate of Appreciation). DonationsLetter&Form2015

3) Return donated item with Donations Record attached to the Office, in cases where goods are being used by the class ie. flour for cake stall, please just submit the Donations Record form to the Office so that all donors can be thanked appropriately.

ACTION: All classes reminded to seek donations and submit Donations Record forms to Office.

Contact: Laurel 0409 964 897 | laurelkkanost@hotmail.com

4. Donations – Certificates of Appreciation

Penny H has volunteered to be part of team to send out certificates after the fair. Thanks Penny!

Action: Suzi/Laurel to coordinate Post-Fair Donations working bee.

5. Poster

Poster design tabled, all present liked the design and approved ready for print. Text for back of postcard including acknowledgement of artwork, designers, sponsors, etc to be confirmed by Comms & Marketing Committee then sent to printer.

Action: Katie F & Yuki to finalise text for back of card.  

Action: Jacinta W. to liaise with Tim A. re: website page for sponsors.

6. Raffle

At the printer, working bee to bundle up should happen next Friday.

7. Food

Paul J. and Yuki C. met with Mary G. to get info on logistics for organising food & drinks for the fair. Katie F will talk with STREAT coffee. Mary G will seek donations of sausages, bread & pizza dough. Paul J to source bottled water. Curries – Food Team is still working on how best to run this. Proposed making baked potatoes on site & served from PA kitchen.

Action: Yuki to book hot box (pie warmer) for pizza stall and portable cool room

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Foodie families who have catering experience asked to come forward and join a think-tank to make Curry Stall easy/fun/sustainable. This may involve paying an expert to run a Curry cooking team – hit us with your ideas and enthusiasm!

Contact: Yuki 0414 489 814  | fundraisingcollingwood@gmail.com

8. Food vouchers for lead volunteers

Discussed making food vouchers for lead volunteers. Lead Volunteers are those wonderful people who hold things together on the stall, they are the ones who spend half the day (or the whole day) on the stall directing rostered parents on what to do. These people are often so busy that they miss out on lunch and breaks. The food voucher system will entitle Lead Volunteers to a free lunch & drink (from school stalls) and also give them a special ticket so they can jump the queue.

Action: Lauren D has offered to take a lead the designing the Food Vouchers. Thanks Lauren!

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  Someone to join the Food Team and help Lauren design the food vouchers and roll out the food voucher system.

ACTION: All classes to nominate one or two Lead Volunteers. Lead Volunteers must come to the Canteen at 9am on Fair setup day (Saturday 17 October) to collect food vouchers.


Working Bee Dates:

#1: Friday 18 September 9am-12pm (Last day of Term 3, Fair Meeting followed by Working Bee)

#2: Saturday 10 October 9am-4pm (1 week before the fair, bring a plate, BBQ lunch provided)

#3: Saturday 17 October 9am-4pm (FAIR SET UP DAY! All classes to set up for their own stalls, cooked breakfast provided, bring a plate, BBQ lunch provided)

Provisional list of tasks for meetings (to be confirmed at next meeting):

Working Bee #1 & final Community Fair Meeting for Term 3  (Friday 18 September) 

  • Cake bags
  • Stall equipment boxes
  • Clean the PA kitchen
  • Clean the PA fridge and freezer

Working Bee #2 (Saturday 10 October) – in the week leading up to the Fair

  • Clear rubbish & broken trees from the Hoddle St nature strip
  • New sand in the sand pits
  • New mulch for the garden beds
  • Print A4 black & white programs, price lists and maps (on one double sided page) for the ticket booths
  • Any help Trevor needs (in the past new outdoor seats have been installed)
  • Food & drink will arrive
  • The PA (audio system) for the marquee will arrive (store in the woodwork room)
  • Finance team to arrange money bags & boxes

Working Bee #3 Saturday 17 October – FAIR SET UP DAY!

  • Set up Hot Box for the pizza oven
  • Set up Portable Coolroom (inside the canteen)
  • Set up Big Marquee, stage, tables & chairs
  • Each Class to set up their own stalls – small marquees, trestles, chairs, signs (everything except food and delicate equipment)
  • Hand out equipment boxes and info about where drinks, extra ice, napkins etc can be found
  • Signage: prepare 8 x whiteboards with an A2 map, A3 program and A3 price list (to be placed at the gates, ticket booths and canteen on the morning of the Fair)
  • Take a delivery of ice and prep ice chests for sausage sizzles

ACTION: Minimum of 2 families from each class to attend each working bee. Even if you can only come for 3 hours, that’s great. 

ALL CLASSES please RSVP who will attend from your class by Thursday 17 September.

Contact: Yuki 0414 489 814  | fundraisingcollingwood@gmail.com

10. Gift vouchers 

If you work full time and can not volunteer time to prepare for the fair, one easy and extremely valuable way you can help is by donating a gift voucher to one of the following stores:

  • Bunnings
  • Masters
  • Coles
  • Woolworths
  • IGA
  • Officeworks
  • Bulleen Art and Garden (BAAG)
  • Any other voucher (run your idea past the Fundraising Committee first)

Any vouchers donated will be used by volunteers who are organising the fair and will enable them to do their jobs much more easily. Thank you in advance!

Action: Vouchers to be handed into the Office and marked ‘Attention Yuki’.

11. Class stalls update

Reggio Class 5/6 confirmed that they will run a disco in the dance studio and a sausage sizzle.

Action: Yuki to check with Ruth V whether Class 5/6 will run the snow cones.

12. PA freezer clean out

Sue M. and Christine C. will coordinate cleaning out of PA freezer in preparation for cakes.

Action: Sue to send out message to teachers and school community via Compass and Class Carer Network.


Community Fair Meeting Dates 2015

Weekly Community Fair meeting:

Every Friday 9-10am, in the canteen

Community Fair Committee meeting:

Wednesday 7 October (7.30am – 8.30am in the Library)

Note: A representative from each school sub-committee, all class teachers and class Community Fair representatives are expected to attend. Childcare provided. Forward apologies by email to fundraisingcollingwood@gmail.com.



​(0​414 489 814​)​
on behalf of the Fundraising Committee, Collingwood College
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