Principal’s Welcome


I would like to extend a warm welcome to our many new families and students who will join our great school community over the next few days. I would also welcome back the many familiar faces after a well deserved summer break.  The planned school start looks like being our best for many years with high levels of excitement and enthusiasm at all levels in the school. Our projected numbers indicate an increase of 20-30 students at this stage.

The school will continue with the new structure of operation which will allows each of the primary and secondary sectors to be more autonomous in operations.  I welcome the following new staff : John Gioskos (LT Maths), Sam Luck (Primary AP), Martin Poeder (Cl5), Catherine O’reilly(Tec), Madonna Holmes (Foundation Steiner), Tristan Pierce (Cl3), Elizabeth Muldoon (Eng/Hums), Amy Reid (Cl1), Charlotte Ghaie (MP5/6), Suzie Batten (ES), Silvana Tsipiris (ES), Bruce Martyn (Admin), Phoebe Lam (Foundation Assistant), Wendy Lucas (Ma/Sci). The office admin and IT positions still remain unfilled and will be readvertised. We are very pleased with our recruitment program over the summer with a good mix of graduates and experience. More information relating to new staff will be released over the coming weeks.


8.45 -10.45 am SESSION 1 & 2 8.45-10.45 am Advisory + SESSION 1 & 2
10.45 -11.10 am RECESS 10.45 -11.10 am RECESS
11.10 -1.05 pm SESSION 3 & 4 11.10 -12.40 pm SESSION 3 & 4
1.05 – 1.55 pm LUNCH 12.40 – 1.30 pm LUNCH
1.55 – 3.00 pm SESSION 5 1.30 – 3.00 pm SESSION 5 & 6

***Classrooms will open their doors in the Primary School from 8.30am To ease the possible congestion in the corridors the School library will be open and supervised each morning from 8am.  Students who attend early are welcome to attend the library area for quiet comfort and before school study.


The state government is current ramping up its promise to address the issue of asbestos in schools. Schools in Victoria have a major asbestos audit once every 5 years. As part of this audit, schools that contain asbestos must now display signage indicating such. Please do not be alarmed by this signage – “This school contains asbestos”- as most schools built before 1980 now share the same signage.  The most common forms of asbestos are found in eave sheets, AC cladding sheets (Pre 1980), mastics and insulations. Most of our asbestos items are in the service shafts, plant room insulations and in the raised eaves. Students and staff do not have access to these areas. Asbestos items are not generally removed from schools unless they present a risk by being broken, exposed or damaged. Our school has been very vigilant in conducting regular asbestos inspections of asbestos items. All staff have been briefed on our asbestos obligations and risk management.


The College has the following positions vacant and seeks expressions of interest for:

  • Teacher Aide  – Food Tech (Regular 4-8 hrs per week with no specific training required).
  • Casual Integration Aide (Training preferred but not essential).
  • Casual Office Assistance (Training provided).
  • Garden Caretaker

Preference may be given to applicants who are seeking payment relief of fees and charges as part of payment plans or to parents seeking re-entry into work. Casual positions can be tailored to School hours.

Dale Perichon

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