Vision & Values

Our vision is:

Inspirational young people.

Inspirational young people are well-balanced, strong and creative individuals who make a positive difference to our community.


Our mission is:

To inspire our students to become inspirational young people by:

  • Being open to all.

We create an open and trusting community that invites all of us to explore, create and learn.

  • Teaching the whole person.

We cultivate a rich and diverse curriculum. This ensures our students can have the confidence to find joy in the world and to fully participate in society.

  • Continually learning.

We value the ongoing learning of our teachers, parents and students. We reflect upon what we do and always look for better ways to achieve our vision.


Our values are:

  • Diversity
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Relationships
  • Achievement


These values are the compass for our learning community. They are reflected in our behaviour, our decisions and shape our interactions.



We respect and value the social, linguistic, religious, financial, academic and cultural diversity of our learning community. Our respect for diversity allows us to value uncertainty, subjectivity, participation, intuition, insight and imagination to develop and deliver a curriculum that can meet the needs of all students. We offer a place for everyone.


We understand that creativity is a key method for exploring the world. We encourage young people to take the lead and embrace curiosity, questioning and challenging traditional ways of seeing and being. We create conditions for adventurous exploration of ideas and for constructive reflection.


We embed innovation in the foundations of our learning community. We are open to new work structures, learning environments, collaborations, advanced technology, new pedagogies and integrated curriculum. We approach change and unforeseen circumstances in a positive and constructive way.


We believe that education, throughout our lives, involves developing a deep understanding of our relationships – with ourselves and others. While education must focus on the needs of the individual, it cannot be considered in isolation of the family, the College and the broader community.


We expect all members of our learning community to strive to achieve their personal best and accordingly we create a climate that constantly articulates high expectations for all. We celebrate the individual and collective achievements of our students and other members of our community.

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