2019 Secondary Student Handbook

Have you…..
..been nervous about starting school?
..worried about the studies in 2019?
..wondered about what to wear in High School?

Don’t Stress…


Every new student is feeling exactly the same way!



When I started at Collingwood I was a bunch of nerves, even though I had come up from primary school at Collingwood College….so I can imagine how nervous newcomers to the school would be.  Please relax!

I was nervous and now that I look back I wish someone had told me that it was similar to primary school……You arrive…you work….you have a break and then work some more!
Making friends is no problem because everyone is feeling just the same. And if you’re worried about being stuck in a school with older kids, then you ‘chill’, they’re probably more scared of you.

Before you know it, the year will fly by…DON’T WORRY! It goes so quickly and this time next year there will be new little students on the block and you will have forgotten how this all felt. Enjoy your first year of high school……Trust me I’ve been there! And now I’m in year 12 and this year I was the SRC Captain for 2016. Boy, I never expected this to happen to me when I first started.

Happy Memories on your Secondary School Journey!

Sumeyra Kalkan

Year 12 – 2016


Dates for Secondary School Terms for 2019

Term 1: 29 January to 5th April
Term 2: 23 April to 28 June
Term 3: 15 July to 20 September
Term 4: 7 October to 20 December

Please note:

The last day of classes for 2019 is 23rd October for VCE students.

18-29 November Early Commencement for Year 12 Students

2-6 November Early Commencement for Year 11

Wednesday the 18th of December is the last day of term.

Four terms and two semesters….a semester is made up of two terms or six months. Some subjects are only one semester….We know it is the end of a semester because reports are distributed. To ensure that we create a happy, stimulating learning environment, as our school follows the Ramon Lewis Principles of:

‘Every student has the right to learn’, and

‘All students and teachers have the right to feel safe in the classroom and at school’

Assessment Tasks

Although the term ‘Learning Task’ may sound a bit overwhelming, these pieces of work are not hard. They are usually tasks set by teachers which need to be worked on and submitted to successfully complete the subject. Most of the time they are a combination of class and homework, so get stuck into them and you’ll be okay.

Common Assessment Tasks – CAT

Whether you are in a Steiner or Main program class, there will be some set tasks that are completed by both classes. They are known as Common Assessment Tasks. This ensures that the students are all attaining the expected AusVels levels. For example, in English there will be a CAT every term that will be completed and included in the students’ reports.

OnDemand Testing

During the year all students will participate in On Demand testing in both Literacy and Numeracy.


What do I do when I arrive at school the first day?

On your first day at school, whether you are in Main Program or in Steiner, you will start the day with your Home Group teacher.

The day begins in reception where you will be welcomed by the Secondary Principal Craig Bradley or the Year Level Coordinator Liria Stratus 7/8, Jenny Campbell 9/10 or Travis Marke 11/12. From there you will be shown to your home group rooms for your first day.

You will spend the whole day getting to know teachers, other students and where all the classrooms are.


How do you find your locker, and how do you remember your locker code?

All students will have their lockers in or outside their classrooms their classroom. It is important to have a lock. This ensures that you will have all your equipment and personal belongings safe and secure.

Another important reason important reason why this has to be so  is that some students will be in possession of a computer and if they do not have secured lockers, then items may go wandering

Students can either purchase a combination lock or a padlock. It is recommended that a spare key be given to the home group teacher for safe keeping and in case of emergency. There are so many times when a key is forgotten at home and locks have to be cut open, which means that a new lock has to be bought.

For combination locks, it may be a good idea to record this number in a safe place in case it gets forgotten. Your Home Group teacher is happy to help.



How does the ten day timetable work?

In order to fit in all the classes, our school works on a ten day timetable. One week is Gold week and the next week is Blue week. The timetable changes from one week to the other, but don’t worry, your Home group teacher will give you a printed copy to keep. There are many copies of the ten day timetable posted in corridors for you to look at if necessary.    

How to Read the Timetable.

Do not Worry….every student is given their own personalised Timetable to follow! Most of your core subjects will take place in your own Home Room. It is only for specialist subjects like Science, Music, Physical Education and LOTE (Chinese) that you move into another room.

Your Timetable will be up in many areas, including your Home Room, so you will always know where you are meant to be.


Learn to use your diary as a learning/ organisational tool….record all your set classwork and homework and other important information.


Use your diary for:

  • Storing absence notes
  • Your Timetable
  • Communication between parents and teachers
  • Record special dates such as excursions, etc.
  • Store excursion notices and absence notes

Fold back each day the dated page so you can easily locate the current day and thus continue to record important relevant information.

Don’t forget that there will be times your teachers or parents may check your diaries, so try to keep them in a presentable state. This will not happen all the time, but do try not to record personal stuff you don’t want seen.


the dreaded ‘H’ Word……..

Don’t let word worry you so much. You don’t get too much homework, although occasionally it might pile up if you leave it to the last minute. Most subject teachers set homework and you usually have a good amount of time to complete it. If you find the set homework too hard, go to the teacher who gave it to you (but make sure you do this before the day you have to hand it in) and ask them to explain things to you. If you don’t want to do that, ask a friend.

If you get behind in your schoolwork ask for help from the teacher who may suggest extra homework so you can catch up. You may not like or enjoy this idea, but it will benefit you and leave you stress-free once it’s done. If you are still having trouble, talk to your parents or the Co-Ordinator.

Been absent? Check with your classmates for missed work and ask the teacher for extra time to catch up.

Forgotten Your Homework?


It is advisable not to make up an excuse. If you can’t call a parent and ask for them to bring your work up to the school, then explain the situation to your teacher. You will be expected to submit it the next day…your teacher will decide about the grading. Don’t resort to the age old excuses that teachers have heard so often before…like…..’The dog ate it’    or ‘The computer crashed’…

Remember teachers have been around for a long time………………..


Don’t want to be late? Listen for the bells!

At 8.40 am music plays for students to collect books for the first two periods (and a quick muck around with your mates). Don’t waste too much time once you hear the music…at 8.40 am because if you’re not in your homeroom by 8.45 you will be marked absent. A late pass needs to be collected if you miss roll call. If you are late in the morning, you have to make up 15 minutes with your period 6 teacher at the end of the day. (Be careful not to be too late too many times in the week).

There are only three times in the day when the bells ring: before school, end of recess and end of lunchtime…after the music plays.

The rest of the day teachers will follow the specified class times and dismiss you at the right time, giving you enough time to go to your next class. There is a 20 minute break between periods two and three and lunchtime is a 50 minute break. School finishes at the end of period six at 3.00.


Slept in? Car wouldn’t start? Train was cancelled?

If you are late, what do you do? As you enter the front door, you need to check in and print out a late pass that you will then hand to your Home Group teacher, who will then record it onto the Compass roll. This late pass is important for our legal attendance register.. On a daily basis students are kept in for fifteen minutes after school on the same day as the lateness. Please be careful not to get too many late passes, as you will be given a Friday afternoon detention.


Your Home Group Teachers.

If you need advice or help, always feel confident in approaching your Home Group teacher. No matter what the problem may be, they will be very happy to be there for you.  They will guide you as much as they can all year.

The Year 7 and 8 Coordinator – Liria

Liria Stratus

Get to know your helpful and caring Year 7 and 8 Co-Ordinator, Liria Stratus. Her job is to help you settle in well at Collingwood College. Also to help Year 7’s with any problems and organise Middle School assemblies and activities.  So if you have any concerns, you are always welcome to visit her office situated in the middle school corridor. (Room 220)

Principal of the Secondary School – Judith

Our Principal of the Secondary School is Judith Clelland. Judith will be there to help and assist you in any way necessary, as well as assist the Principal of Collingwood College, Dale Perichon.

The College Principal – Dale

Dale Perichon

Dale is our friendly Principal. He runs the school of course and is helpful in every way. He is there whenever you need him. Dale always has a smile on his face for all students.

The Office Staff – Martina, Claire, Tarryn and May

The first people you see when you come into our school are the friendly office staff. They can help you with any queries you may have. There will be times you need to make payments or hand paperwork at the office. The people at the General Office are very friendly and helpful. Chris, Stan, Natasha and Anne will answer any queries you may have.

The Youth Workers – Gareth and Nissa

Near the Year 7 area we have the friendly Gareth Rego and his assistant Nissa.  They are both always ready to help you with any worries you may have. Even if you just want to share some concerns or just have a friendly chat their door is always open to students, with or without an appointment.

Alina from the Library

The Library is the Hub of the school. Many activities and classes utilise this space. Computers are available for usage during class time, as well as many other times. After school the supervised Homework Club runs from Monday to Thursday nights for two hours. This club is open to students of all ages. Our resident Librarian Alina always has a smile on her face and is ready to help everyone. The Convenor of the Homework Club is a qualified teacher there to support and assist all students. Many teachers also attend to assist students with any needs.

The IT Support Crew – Anthony, Daniel and Tim

Christian, Tim and Daniel can always be found in their lT office, situated in the library. Queries and problems with any computer and IT issues are handled efficiently and as quickly as possible.

The School Nurse – Jessica

Twice a week Jessica is there to provide support and advice for students. She is another friendly, professional and helpful person to know.


The Student Representative Council…

The SRC put their hands up to represent their fellow students in any way they can. They have a social conscience and try to make the school a better place to be.

Who can become an SRC Rep?

At the start of the year classes will think about who will represent them. Generally students will make a speech letting their peers know exactly what they feel they can do in this position of responsibility.

How often do SRC students meet?

The SRC Leaders meet once a week during recess where they plan events and discuss ideas. They then take these ideas back to class and discuss with them. Publicising events, fundraising and assisting with community events are also other areas of involvement.

What sort of events have the SRC put on in the past?

Shave For a Cure, So You Think You Can Dance, The Talent Quest, Battle of The Bands, Footy Day and Pyjama Day are just a few of the free events for the school.

Which charities have the students supported and raised money for?

40 Hours Famine, Leukemia Society, Anti-Cancer, SIDS, Red Nose Day, Anzac Day, RSPCA are just some of the supported charities.


In 2014 the school introduced a new piece of software called ‘Compass’. It has been designed to help improve communication across the whole school community.

What does Compass do?

Compass allows parents to see what is happening everyday with their children in real time.

Through a parent portal parents will be able to look up attendance information, approve student absences, access school reports, book and pay for excursions, organise parent teacher conferences and contact teachers. Compass will be a one stop shop for information on your child.

Absences are recorded, excursion forms are created and sent and online reporting is also accessed. These are just some of the aspects of Compass that ensure effective communication for everyone.

How can I access Compass?

Compass is accessed with a secure username and password on any web enabled device. Compass works on PC’s, MACs, iPads, iPhones and Android devices. A username and password will be sent to you at the start of the year. Parent details should NOT be shared with children and should be kept safe and secure.


How to get a Detention. If you really want a detention, which of course you probably don’t (especially when faced with telling grumpy parents), you should avoid these things:

  • Not doing work
  • Being late
  • Chewing Gum
  • Answering back to teachers
  • Littering
  • Preventing other students from learning in the classroom
  • Being rude or putting down other students

How long are detentions?

The length of a detention depends on what you have done.15 minutes after school for lateness. Lunchtime detentions can be organised by all teachers and they can go from 12.40 until 1.10 pm, or 15 minutes after school for lateness to Home Group.

After school detentions are held after school on a Friday and they are usually from half an hour up to one hour. It really depends on what you have done….We hope that we don’t see too many of you in detention. Especially not a Saturday morning detention!

What Do You Do in Detention?

It really depends on what you did to deserve it….you may be expected to do catch up classwork or homework. Or community service, such as cleaning up the locker area, yard duty outside, as well as other chores around the school.


What sports do we play at school?

Heaps and heaps! Every week you have timetables Health and P.E (physical Education) as well as double Sport.

If you don’t know how to play particular sports don’t worry you will learn!

Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Badminton, table tennis, athletics…just to name a few………..

But don’t forget Interschool Sport is there for everyone….try out and train for your year level and represent the school ….

Don’t forget you get to spend the day competing with other schools….and hopefully bringing back the gold….or banner….or maybe just the memory of a fun day!

 We also have Swimming and Athletics Day Carnivals for all to enjoy as well!



  • Do make sure you bring all required books and pens to all classes, after all good organisation is the key to study success.
  • Do get to class on time, you don’t want to miss out on positive learning time.
  • Do return library books before the due date, other students may want to read them.
  • Do keep your locker neat and tidy, this way you will be able to find whatever you need quickly.
  • Do wear an apron in Food Tech, you don’t want to wear all the ingredients you cook with.


  • Don’t chew gum in class. Imagine having to remove other people’s dead gum from underneath tables…. Yuk!!!
  • Don’t talk while teachers are talking.
  • Don’t worry about asking a teacher for help, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Don’t forget to complete your homework…Friday night detentions are for students who forget to do their homework.
  • Don’t be afraid to get involved in everything the school has to offer: excursions, fundraising, sport, performances, extension work, and many more things……..take advantage of all the school has to offer and enjoy, thrive and learn!


What an amazing canteen we have at Collingwood!!!

Look at what’s on offer every day. See the latest menu –Canteen Menu

Breakfast is served from 8am.

At morning tea time, toasted sandwiches, fruit salad cups and Anzac biscuits are available.

At lunchtime there are many meat and vegetarian options available daily, including assorted sandwiches.

All chicken products are Halal.

Come and enjoy a tasty meal at the Collingwood College Canteen!

(And if lunch is forgotten, please come to the Student Kitchen to have something to eat.)



There are times at lunchtime when you want to hang out with your friends, but you do feel that you would like to participate something fun, not just chat and wander every lunchtime…..so why not attend some of the clubs that the school provides during lunchtime?

Here is a list of some of the clubs available in 2018:

The Dr. Who Club
The Soccer Club   The Chess Club The ANIME Club
The Art ClubThe Dance Club
The MineCraft ClubThe StarTrek Club

But wait a minute…………

Do YOU have a special skill or hobby YOU would like to share with other students? Please feel free to come and offer something you would like for other students. In the past we have had a Yoga Club, Photography Club, Tai Chi Club, Hip Hop Club: go see Liria or Craig to make it happen……..

What did other students from the past say about their first days at Collingwood?

I was nervous about starting high school, but after meeting other students I knew that we were all in the same boat.

This little book really makes you feel a bit relaxed…..it gives you answers and information you’re not so sure about.

After reading this book I couldn’t wait to start Year 7. It made me realise that everyone is in the same boat; we are all feeling a little scared about starting high school, so it is alright to be nervous.

I came to this school not knowing anyone, but after a while I made a lot of friends.

Read this book, have fun and go for it! Remember, you are not the only one who is nervous!

This little booklet gave me an idea of what to expect from the start of Year 7. It was really helpful to know about basics like the library and the canteen.  I wanted to know about these things but was a bit shy to ask…….so having this information in front of me was pretty useful.


A Special Thank you to all the past Students that have helped and advised on this project!

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