Menu last updated 11th February 2019

Breakfast Menu

Porridge $3.00
Toast $0.50 per slice
Toastie 1 filling $3.50 (extra filling $0.50 ea)
Available fillings: cheese, ham, salami, chicken, tomato, avocado, tuna, egg, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, mayo.
Smoothie $4.50 (berry, banana, mango)
Fruit Salad Bowl $4.00 ($1.50 additional for yoghurt on top)
Scrambled Eggs $5.50 2 eggs scrambled served with toast ($1.50 for extras)
Baked Beans on toast $5.50
Egg and Bacon Tart $3.50

Hot Food

Sausage Rolls $3.50
Beef Pie $3.50
Spinach & Ricotta Pie $3.50
Vegie Pastie $3.50
Pizza (Margarita) $3.50
Pizza (1-3 toppings) $4.00
Available: ham, chicken, pineapple, salami, vegies
Vegie Cups $2.00
Soup (Terms 2 & 3) $4.50
Sushi (Tues/Thurs only) $2.50
Rice Paper Rolls (Tues /Thurs only) $2.50

Hot Dish of the Day $5.50
*Meat and vegie option daily.
*GF available if pre-ordered.
Monday Mexican
Tuesday Asian Style Rice
Wednesday Curry (mild)
Thursday Noodles
Friday Pasta

Keep your eye out for extra daily specials!

Sandwich Options

Sandwich / Wrap:
1 filling $3.50
2 fillings $4.00
3 fillings $4.50
4+ fillings $5.00

GF bread available additional $1.00

Available fillings:
ham, chicken, salami, tuna, egg, cheese, tomato, lettuce, avocado, carrot, cucumber, mayo, mustard, Vegemite, Jam.

Sandwiches and wraps can be toasted.


Slices / Cookies / Cakes $2.00
Muffins $2.00
Banana Bread $3.00
Frozen Fruit Cups $1.50
Frozen Yoghurt (terms 1&4) $2.00
Fruit salad bowl $4.00
Yoghurt, muesli & fruit cup $4.00
Crudités with Dip $4.00 (Homemade Hummus or Tzatziki)
Popcorn / Vegie Chips $1.00
Fruit Toast (per slice) $0.50
Jelly Cup $1.50


Coffee / Tea / Hot Chocolate* $3.50
Smoothies* $4.50 (banana, mango, mixed berries)
Milkshakes* $4.50 (choc, vanilla, strawberry, caramel)
Iced Coffee /Chocolate* $4.50
Flavoured Mineral Water $3.50 (lime, apple berry, orange mango, orange passionfruit)
Glee Cans $3.00 (raspberry, grape, blackcurrant, tropical)
Big M Milks $3.00 (chocolate, strawberry)
Bottled water $2.00

(Please note, coffee will only be sold to those aged 17 and over)
*Extra shot / soy milk $0.50

About Green Apron Catering

At Green Apron Catering we focus on providing wholesome, homemade, meals using seasonal ingredients.  Almost all our food is made on site from scratch, even down to our delicious tomato sauce.  We source our produce from Australian farmers and retailers, our eggs are from a free range Victorian poultry farmer and all our meat is purchased from a Hallal certified butcher.  We endeavour to have meat and vegetarian options available, with gluten free options available on request.  We will do our best to cater to other dietary requirements.  We aim to keep costs as low as possible, enabling you to use our canteen more often, to ease the burden on busy families.

Pre-ordering your lunch in the morning is preferable to avoid disappointment and enables us to cater for your specific needs.  We have an assortment of hot and cold food as well as drinks available for over the counter sales before school, at recess and lunch.  

Please let us know if you have any specific requests, we welcome your feedback.

We offer a catering service for your morning teas, meetings, class parties and private events.  Please come in and discuss your needs, email or call on 0410447891.

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