Catering by Lisa

I am very pleased to introduce myself as your school caterer.

I have a passion for simple, fresh seasonal food, which is prepared and baked on site, even down to our tomato sauce.

I look forward to serving your children and yourselves Monday to Friday from 8:00am.

Please feel free to come and visit me at the canteen, I welcome any suggestions you may have.

Warm Regards
Lisa Barry

Menu last updated 9th October 2017

Breakfast Menu

Toasties $3.00

Filling choices:
– Cheese, tomato, avocado, chicken or ham

Banana Bread $3.00
Porridge served with Honey, brown sugar or banana $3.00
Egg Muffin $3.50
Banana or Berry Smoothie $4.00

Lunch Menu

Toasties $3.00

Filling choices:
– Ham, cheese, tomato, avocado

Rolls/Wraps/sandwiches with 1 filling $3.00

Gluten free bread available
(add 30 cents for each extra filling)
Filling choices:
Poached chicken, ham, cheese, egg, tuna, pineapple, beetroot, carrot, tomato, lettuce, avocado, cucumber or Vegemite.

Sausage roll $3.50
Vegetarian pasty $3.00
Pizza slices – Margarita, chicken, ham or pineapple $3.50
Fresh Daily specials $5.00

–Please refer to the board at the canteen


Muffin of the day $3.00
Banana Bread $3.00
Choc chip cookie $1.00

Chocolate rumbles $1.00
Anzac cookie $1.00

Lemon slice $1.00

Hedgehog slice $1.00

Chocolate Bliss Balls – sugar free, egg free & dairy free $1.00
Fruit Salad cups $3.00
Tzatziki, cucumber, carrot and cracker cups $3.20

Drinks Menu

Coffee $3.50
Tea $3.00
Chai $3.00
Hot Chocolate with mashmallow $3.00
Banana or Berry Smoothie $4.00
Freshly squeezed orange juice $3.50
Big M (Chocolate or Strawberry) $2.50
GLEE – Sparkling juice (grape, raspberry or tropical) $2.50

Term 4 Specials

Monday – Meat free
Tuesday – Rice dish (v)
Wednesday – Pasta dish (v)
Thursday – Rice dish (v) and Banana fritters (v)
Friday – Chef special and sushi

About Catering by Lisa

  • We do offer Gluten free bread
  • We use halal meat
  • All our sauces and food is prepared in house at Collingwood
  • We are always happy to meet you and hear your feedback
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