Class Carers

The Class Carer position is designed to support the teacher in the classroom and to foster and support the class community. It is advantageous for the class carer to have regular meetings with the class teacher to facilitate the support needed by the teacher. Talk to your class teacher about how you can help.

Please note that the class carer role can be shared between two or even three people.

The class carer(s) does not have to DO all of the tasks below, but rather be responsible for overseeing, delegating and sharing the jobs within the class group. Mainly their role is to make sure the tasks are done by someone and ideally coordinate sharing the load among the class community.

Tasks for which the class carer needs to be responsible:

• At the start of the year, collect the class families’ contact information and collate it into a list to be circulated to all families in the class. (This would usually be done in conjunction with the teacher.)

• Organise a way of communicating with all of the families in the class – by e-mail, text, or phone. Setting up an e-mail group with phone buddies for those that do not have e-mail is one way that works well.

• Maintain the class contact list, distributing a new one when any changes occur.

• Communicate messages to the class parents as required by the teacher.

• Communicate messages to the class parents that come through the class carer network.

• Attend one or two meetings per term with the other class carers to support the class carer network and bring any matters of concern to the group.

• Organise a roster for all tasks that the teacher requires regularly in the classroom (e.g. the provision of flowers, the provision of fruit, volunteer jobs (such as supporting with reading or cooking and class washing.)

• Coordinate parents to support the teacher in specific requests that the teacher has such as making items for the class (cushions or smocks or crayon pouches or chair bags etc.) or sourcing particular materials needed for the class or supporting a particular activity in with the children.

• Support the organisation of events for which the class is responsible (e.g. Spring Fair – please note that this does not mean the Class Carer is responsible for organising the class stall, but that the carer helps to ensure that someone does coordinate the stall and assists with communication.)

Tasks that the class carer may wish to include:

• Organise social events for the class community e.g.: Class picnics, parent dinners, day trips (weekend), family camps (weekend camps for all families in the class to attend).

• Organise gifts for people in the class including the teacher, specialist teachers, visiting people who contribute something special to the class community.

• Organise gifts or support for families in the class community when appropriate (e.g. new baby, injured parent or other difficult circumstances)

• Organise the collection of a class kitty (maybe $10 per family) at the start of the year (to provide funds for the above gifts) and transparently manage all transactions to do with this kitty.

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