Collingwood College offers an engaging and challenging academic curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum leading to a comprehensive Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). In the Victorian Curriculum and VCE the College recognises the needs of all students for a stimulating and an orderly learning environment.

Excellent Teaching and Learning is fostered around our Learning Communities. All students and teachers connect with a community. The community focuses its energy on the needs of all its community members supporting academic, social, emotional and behavioural progress.

In order to ensure success we follow a guiding set of principles based on the work of Professor Ramon Lewis:

• Students and teachers have the right to feel comfortable and safe
• Students and teachers have the right to do as much work as possible

‘Inspiring Young People’ – We are committed to assisting every student to achieve his or her full potential and to enjoy success with studies.


  • We believe in students accepting personal responsibility for their words and actions
  • We believe in setting achievable and challenging goals
  • We value being able to work independently and creatively.
  • We value cooperation and collaboration
  • We value the truth, and a community based on trust

Our curriculum provides for the following

  • Main program for years 7-10 in a range of subjects designed following the Victorian Curriculum. These subjects include Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities, Art/Technology, PE/Health and LOTE.
  • EAL for students in year 7 – 10.
  • Innovative ARC program for main program year 9.
  • A exciting range of electives for ALL students in years 8-10 combined.
  • Tutorials  from Years 7-10 and Advisory for VCE developing study skills, goal setting and providing for pastoral care.
  • A Rudolf Steiner stream from Year 7-10 with a Steiner influence on VCE studies in History and Literature.
  • VET subjects to all students in Years 10, 11 and 12.
  • An opportunity for higher achieving students to take a VCE subject in Year 10.
  • Chinese (Mandarin) with biannual tours to our sister school in China.
  • Art and music programs with a new arts complex, dance studio and theatre.
  • Outdoor education and camping program along with sports and physical education.
  • Year 10 program 2020/21 Transition to Senior Program click here.
  • More information on Year 7-9 current programs please click here.

Other features of our program importantly include:

  • Managed Individual Pathways (MIPS)
    All students in the Senior School are supported to develop a plan for their future and to document past achievements. This plan is reviewed each year, and usually twice in Year 12.
    The MIPS program also tracks students after they leave school for at least six months.
  • Careers Education
    Careers counselling and education takes a number of different forms within the school:
    • Individual teacher / student counselling regarding career paths, appropriate subject choice for particular careers or further education.
    • Tutorial career sessions at Year 10. For example, relating to student options after school or processes involved in applying for work.
    • In Year 10, students have the option to undertake a work experience and Unit on Work Education that considers everything from employment rights and responsibilities to the changing patterns of work in society and gaining part-time employment.
    • Various ‘Careers Days’ are offered and organised for students.

For further information please contact a member of our Secondary Team

Judith Clelland
Principal, Secondary School

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