Year 10 program 2016

Welcome to Year Ten at Collingwood College

Year Ten is a key transition year before commencing studies at Year Eleven and Twelve. Students in Year Ten are presented with a variety of opportunities throughout the year.   Opportunities to investigate where they fit into the world, consider and build upon their own strengths and interests, work collaboratively with teachers to make an informed decision on senior school pathways and to explore the world outside of the classroom and their community.

The Structure/Timetable

The Year Ten program comprises the following core subjects that all students complete over the course of the year – students undertake 10 periods a fortnight for the majority of the core subjects offered:

  •      English / English as an Additional Language (Bridging)
  •      Mathematics
  •      Main Lesson (Steiner Students)

The Electives Program

As well as the core subjects, students have the opportunity to participate in a number of Elective programs throughout the year. Students undertake six electives each semester, Steiner Students undertake four electives.

These programs cover a range of curriculum areas including; The Arts, Literature, Art and Design, Humanities, Health and Physical Education, Science, Technology and Languages other than English.

The Advisory Program

Students in Year Ten meet with their Advisor every morning at 8.45am – 9.15am. Advisory provides a unique opportunity for the Advisor and students to investigate a multitude of concepts and ideas relating to social and emotional wellbeing, as well as exploring topics concerning health and human development. Students will also prepare for Work Experience and learn about different career opportunities through the Real Industries Jobs Program (RIJI). They will receive assistance in choosing the right future for them through Pathways Planning.

The outline of subjects can be found here

The description of subjects offered next year can be found here

An example of how year 10 will look as a timetable can be seen below.example 10 TT



The Work Experience Program (WEX)

Work Experience is the opportunity for students to explore the workforce and career options before commencing their senior secondary certificate.  Work Experience is integral to career decision-making, including subject/pathway selection. The intention of Work Experience is for students to experience the ‘world of work’ and to gain some employability skills.  Students are encouraged to pursue a work experience placement in an industry that is very different to their part-time jobs.  It is a chance for students to try out different occupations and participate in an adult working environment.

Students in Year Ten are required to complete two weeks of work experience at the end of Term Two

Incorporating VCE/VET Programs as part of the Year Ten Program

Students can study both VCE Units 1 and 2 subject(s) and/or a VET subject in conjunction with the Year Ten Program.  To be offered this opportunity, students will need to be interviewed and proven to be performing at a high level in the chosen areas before commencement.

Depending on which VCE subject is selected, a student’s standard Year Ten program and workload can be made more challenging. Students will also need to consider this and during the interview, the panel will make a decision as to whether a student has the necessary organisational skills to overcome the demands of this added responsibility.

Pathway Planning

A big focus for students in Year Ten is discovering which senior school certificate they will apply for in Year Eleven and Twelve. This is a big decision and, as such, many opportunities are in place to help Year Ten students make an informed decision – one that will allow them to have the most success in their last two years of secondary school and beyond.

As previously mentioned, Work Experience provides an opportunity for students to discover potential future occupations. Term two of the advisory program focuses on career exploration, including career quizzes, information about the two senior secondary certificates and tertiary institution information, including a visit to a tertiary provider.

In Term Three, Year Ten students apply for their senior secondary school certificate by presenting to a panel. Students are required to provide some context for their choice, including some ideas for their future and their reasons for selecting each individual senior subject.

Students are also required to show evidence that they are likely to be successful in their chosen certificate. Evidence will include their mid-year report, work samples, and attendance records, which must be at least 90% across the board, including Advisory.

A comprehensive program in term three supports students through this process and includes opportunities to view subject ‘snapshots’ in Advisory, when VCE, VET and VCAL subject teachers provide an overview of their subjects. This insight provides Year Ten students with information to help with their decision-making.


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