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Reggio Emilia Inspired Primary Art Program

The Reggio Emilia inspired Primary Art program creates opportunities for students to innovate, rethink and explore new ways of approaching expression and potential art ideas. Specialist art lessons provide the students with the opportunity to question, reflect, solve problems, experiment and express themselves. The students work in a studio based environment. Students are encouraged to be self-reliant, explore and to assist in creating their own environment. The art program works alongside classroom projects and is linked within the curriculum. The Primary Art program places great emphasis on collaborative learning.  The art teacher is a practising artist and the students have the opportunity to reflect on how a practising artist creates a piece of art from start to finish. The students participate in documenting their own work. It offers students the opportunity to reflect, communicate through visual recording and realise their potential. Since 2016 Reggio Emilia Primary Art has formed a partnership with a local Collingwood Gallery, Bus Projects. The aim of this connection has been for students to work closely with a neighbouring Arts organisation as well as local artists.





Steiner Primary Craft Program

The Steiner primary craft program engages students in learning about and working with traditional and contemporary technologies and is designed to develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, basic maths skills and simple geometry.  The children develop skills in the soft crafts such as knitting, crochet, hand sewing, embroidery and felt making. The children develop and apply these skills to make items that have a practical use, such as clothing, toys and household items. Creativity is explored through pattern design and choice of colour. Craft fosters in the children, a care for their own and others’ work and a strong sense of community through shared activity. They learn to appreciate the beauty and artistry of handmade goods and the empowerment that comes from being able to make one’s own belongings.



Primary Performing Arts Program

The Performing Arts Program at Collingwood College is a vibrant creative program of theatre and dance, music and media arts. Students have the opportunity to explore, interpret, transform and create works in a multidisciplinary atmosphere of creativity and endeavor. They are encouraged to express themselves, to listen and learn from others through movement and sound. They develop creative works which demonstrate their ability to work independently and collaboratively, experimenting with a range of techniques and processes, which may vary in the equipment and technology used. Students plan and develop, refine and present their original works to their cohort, school community and occasionally to the general public. They are encouraged to be confident learners, to express themselves through their own unique abilities, and enjoy and celebrate this process of development, presentation and feedback.

Multi-Media Performance as part of the Artists in Schools Program supported by Creative Victoria – Artist Hellen Sky – 2014

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