Closest school (1.5km) from Melbourne’s CBD

Collingwood College is an internationally accredited government school located in the inner-city suburb of Collingwood, close to the Melbourne CBD

Collingwood College is the closest school (1.5km) from Melbourne’s CBD that accepts applications from international students. Easily accessible via well-served train, tram and bus services, the suburb of Collingwood is a central hub of the Melbourne metropolitan area.

Collingwood College has a rich history and is a culturally diverse school with over 800 students. Embracing our core value of diversity, we have up to 80 international students from countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and more.

Featuring vibrant restaurants, theatres, galleries, cafes, cinemas, libraries, and parks including The Exhibition Gardens and The Royal Botanic Gardens, our school is an attractive school of choice for many students and their families.

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