Student Wellbeing

Pastoral Care

Across all year levels, our Pastoral Care program supports students in grappling with current issues that young people face, whilst actively teaching them the value of respective relationships, inclusivity, and informed decision making.

Entrenched in our Pastoral Care program are our school values of achievement, creativity, relationships, diversity, and innovation.

Our Pastoral Care gives students the opportunity to regularly meet and interact with their Homegroup and Advisory teachers for 75 minute sessions. These sessions allow for students to explore various topics including career education and make connections with one another.

Student Support

At Collingwood College, we value the interconnected relationship between students, their families, and staff, acknowledging that this partnership leads to the best outcomes for our students.

With a skilled Wellbeing team that includes counsellors, psychologists, a school nurse, and community liaison officers, we provide support for various student needs. For example, our community liaison members speak a diverse range of languages other than English, and can assist with parent-teacher interviews and learning support meetings.

We also have a Homework program that runs after school on most weekdays, and a Breakfast program that ensures that students are well nourished before their learning day commences.