Primary Curriculum

Prep - Grade 6

Collingwood College’s Prep – Grade 6 offers diverse learning and engagement opportunities for our students. Our primary curriculum is underpinned by the Victorian Curriculum for teaching and learning and we’re delighted to offer two streams; a Steiner program and a Mainstream program.

Whether students are in the Steiner or Mainstream programs, our passionate teaching team works cohesively across both streams to ensure the best academic outcomes for our students. Both streams’ assessment and planning is based on the Victorian Curriculum.

Reggio Emilia Inspired Prep – 2

Our Reggio Emilia-inspired early years program has a curriculum focussed on fostering students’ social and emotional wellbeing. The program is further enhanced by our dynamic open plan working spaces, and a collegiate approach to the planning and delivery of the Victorian Curriculum. Here, students get the opportunity to engage in art and performing arts, PE, as well as Chinese Mandarin.

Collingwood College - Primary

Reggio Emilia Inspired 3 – 6

Victorian Curriculum/Project-based learning

The Reggio Emilia* approach to learning is carried through to the upper primary years with project-based inquiry learning. Throughout these years, students are the drivers of their learning — weaving project topics into the literacy and numeracy curriculum.  Students also engage in Art, Performing Arts, PE, the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, and Chinese Mandarin.

Collingwood College - Primary

Specialist Steiner Primary Stream

Victorian Curriculum/Steiner Education Australia (SEA) Curriculum

The Steiner program, affiliated with Steiner Education Australia (SEA), offers a creative and inspiring pedagogical approach to learning. Through Steiner, students engage in a variety of curricular pursuits including main lesson, craft, eurythmy, and orchestra. Our students actively participate in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, and also learn Chinese Mandarin.

*For more information on our Steiner program, please visit the link below:

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