Student Life

At Collingwood College, we value the interconnected relationship between students, their families, and staff, acknowledging that this partnership leads to the best outcomes for our students.

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Make a positive impact

At Collingwood College, our mission is to inspire and nurture balanced, strong, and creative young people to make a positive impact on the community.

We’re committed to providing your child with an innovative learning environment and teaching programs that will support them to achieve academic excellence, and shape the next generation of responsible global citizens.

We encourage our students to become inspirational young people by:

  • Being open to all. We create an open and trusting community that invites all of us to explore, create, and learn.
  • Teaching the whole person. We cultivate a rich and diverse curriculum ensuring our students can have the confidence to find joy in the world and to fully participate in society.
  • Continually learning. We value the ongoing learning of our teachers, parents, and students. We reflect upon what we do and always look for better ways to achieve our vision.

Collingwood College - Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

At Collingwood College, our students’ well-being is our top priority, as we understand the direct correlation between a child’s wellbeing and the continuous improvement of their learning outcomes.

Our passion that ensures all students are supported and extended in their learning is demonstrated through Pastoral Care & Student Support.

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Collingwood College - Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Our Student Leadership Program provides students, as well as International Students, with the opportunity to voice their opinions about issues at the school. Available leadership roles that students can raise their hand for include participation in the Student Representative Council, the Student Captain and Vice-Captain, and Well-Being Year Level Leader.

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Collingwood College - Camps & Excursions

Camps & Excursions

An active camp program at Collingwood College presents students with abundant opportunities to enjoy outdoor adventures, experience new environments, and develop close bonds with classmates and teachers.

Each year level attends a yearly camp. In the Steiner stream, class camps are an important part of the curriculum, tightly interwoven with the rest of the students’ classwork.

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Collingwood College - Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Collingwood College hosts an exciting music program across both instrumental and classroom based approaches that aims to stretch students’ musical abilities.

Placing a positive emphasis on performance and presentation, our innovative music programs assist students in developing their confidence, social skills, discipline, teamwork, and self-esteem. Students regularly perform in class, assemblies, concerts, and special events in the region or wider community.

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Collingwood College - Vision & Values

ICT Devices (BYOD)

At Collingwood College, we understand that technology is the gateway to innovative learning. As such, we support students through use of personal devices with our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Program for secondary school students (Years 7 to 12).

For students partaking in the BYOD program, we require that both you and your child sign and return a copy of our Acceptable Use Agreement before your child’s student device can be connected and used on our network at school.

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Collingwood College - Canteen


At Collingwood College, we believe that a healthy body and mind supports students in achieving success in both their academic and personal lives. Holding true to this belief, our Green Apron Catering aims to serve good, nutritious food at our school.

Green Apron Catering is focused on providing students with wholesome, homemade meals made using seasonal ingredients. Almost all our food is made on site from scratch — even down to our delicious tomato sauce!

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